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  1. I feel like if sky did this the album would’ve been out by now. But I don’t think the albums ever been at a point where she felt she could turn it in as it is and go forward with it
  2. this is not what demi meant by take it to capitol hill
  3. reflection

    Bonnie McKee

    has nobody talked about this yet? bonnie mentioned a 'Lana Del Rey forum' in this interview 46:55
  4. the way I was also just talking about an xcx world tracklist a few hours ago I ended up using this one based on the order of that one draft with daddy knows and filling in the gaps with the main fan tracklist
  5. reflection

    Bonnie McKee

    her collecting and posting her own demos when they leak on forums she also responded to a fan asking what a demo was for with 'not for trading drama on forums' or something putting two and two together.. hiii bonnie
  6. reflection

    Charli XCX

    Anyone else’s fave album sucker? It’s always at the bottom of everyone’s rankings. Legit no skips until the last two tracks it’s so hooky energetic and intense. She will never top body of my own
  7. reflection

    Charli XCX

    few weeks update: Best songs: crash, constant repeat, beg for you, lightning good songs: new shapes, good ones, move me, used to know me okay songs: baby, every rule least faves: yuck, twice (minus the lyrics) before anyone says anything, go for the liver first
  8. reflection


    this one has been stuck in my head all week I dont know whats wrong with me tbh
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