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  1. I don't see any bop coming with the record. BOZ said we would have to be open minded listening to it for the first time, & the songs are very wordy and >5min so... But Idc about a bop with lana I'm happiest when she releases songs I don't get tired listening to after 3 months, when you discover new aspects of a song because you never paid attention to them before you know it's great
  2. Don't know where to post this, I've been looking for an album reaction thread but could not find one. I've watched For Whatever Reason's reactions to every single track from Norman Fucking Rockwell! on YouTube and God how cool that was. I suggest you all to watch them he's really dedicated. I've watched a ton of reactions from different people over the years and his are probably the best I've stumbled upon in a long time. He's not over the top and doesn't clickbait, and he always watches performances or the music video of the track he's reacting to. He also put out a video in which he reacts to the interviews she did before/after the album roll-out. Here's the link redirecting you to his channel if you're interested: https://www.youtube.com/@ForWhateverReasonFWR He's next going to react to Chemtrails, Blue Banisters and Ocean Blvd once it comes out, then go back to the beginning with Born to Die onwards. PS: NFR is now one of his favorite albums of all time.
  3. I would need her to do livestreams on a regular basis like 1 every 2 weeks, in which she would talk with fans and talk about the process of LDR9 + announce a tour or some shit, release a music video for the title track, do interviews with magazines and radio shows, announce the release of her next poetry collection, reveal a dope merch for the album, and maybe I would finally be satisfied- but I'm not quite sure
  4. by the look of that magazine cover and the magazine itself... it feels like lana isn't involved at all with it, there would be a quote on the cover or pictures from an exclusive shoot, nothing really exciting as usual
  5. chuck posted a story with an ldr jacket, is it nfr merch or for the new album? edit: just checked and someone talked about it already, it's from lfl
  6. what did some of you say about not being worried by miley's new album LMFAO? 14M in a 4th day is nuts, but who cares about lana charting anyway, she's one of the most streamed female artists it's more than enough, don't disrespect miley again
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