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  1. For me it was more the case on Blue Banisters, especially on the songs Beautiful and Arcadia, her high notes really annoy me on those ones. I have no issue with the ones on Ocean Blvd though, the last "God if you're near me..." on Grandfather is one of my favorite moments on the record.
  2. I feared Margaret to be my least fav but it's actually a really good song imo, it does feel more like a taylor song than a lana song to me, but I love the melodies, love jack on it, love the spoken part and the instrumentals. Maybe I'll get tired of it at some point idk.
  3. listen to the leaks if you want but get out of lanaboards pleaze! it's gonna be annoying to have hundreds of posts about the songs that are not out yet for three weeks...
  4. You're right, I meant that since she's singing about Jack's lover it certainly stands apart compared to the two and more singles in which she's talking about herself and X partner, or her relatives on others edit: also idrc about margaret lol I'm afraid the lyrics will be a bit cheesy. I don't like when she does that
  5. I saw it in the LDR9 Info Masterpost section the other day, it's near the end of the post
  6. Thematically it's probably not cohesive with the album but I just hope it doesn't ruin the vibe or anything since it was a last minute addition
  7. I'm personally playing the album from start to finish without skipping the singles that's a ritual I just can't mess up
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