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  1. Is it safe to say that this is not being released this week?
  2. *They. It's not her doing, but the label's. But you're right. The fact that it didn't drop after the first teaser garnered so much hype is a mess. Esp. since the song has been on DSPs since early April haha
  3. Didn't 111 say that it's still coming? I can't see the label scrapping it when they put money into it already. Sky probably just doesn't want post about it yet. Maybe she's not feeling great or smth. I wouldn't worry just yet. If there's no announcement by Tuesday, then it's probably safe to say things were delayed, but until then I'm still holding out hope.
  4. I’m kinda losing all hype for this tbh. The song is great, but the fact that she hasn’t announced it yet - which doesn’t promise anything good - and that the album is still not done just kinda turned me off it.
  5. That would fit with Tamaryn saying that Sky "is about to release some of the songs" they wrote together.
  6. Which forum did you read it in?
  7. Where did you read that? If DF is just another droplet I'm going to scream.
  8. Will you ever stop with the negativity? My god, you're acting as if she personally hurt your family.
  9. She just changed her Insta profile pic. It’s def a shot from the music video or the album cover shooting. Announcement should be fairly soon now. Hopefully next week.
  10. I don’t understand what they’re doing. The complete lack of transparency is infuriating. Sky has a loyal fan base, they deserve to be in the know. After the teaser dropped and nothing happened for 2 weeks she should have explained what’s taking so long. At this point I’m expecting the song to not be released until after her summer festivals. It’s an actual joke. At least the leak is still up so I’ll keep listening to that for the coming weeks. Their loss.
  11. Not them pretending to care. They're literally only using her name for social media engagement.
  12. What more do you know? If there's T on the track list then the album is really coming isn't it?
  13. Sky will appreciate it. Don’t think this is coming out anytime soon tho haha. Def not until early June me thinks.
  14. Wait what? DF has been out there for years? Then I'm shocked it took this long to leak haha.
  15. It's stunning. Epic New Wave banger, that's what we want. I do think the chorus could be a little less repetitive. This feels like the single version tho, no? Since the part from the first teaser isn't in it?
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