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  1. fl0r1dakil0s not responding about Candy Necklace just confirms he was crushed by its massiveness and is unable to get up
  2. That makes 3 of us. I didn't like knowing most of Blue Banisters before it came out, so I am completely avoiding leaks this time around. It's rough, but we'll make it!
  3. While I don't want SYTH being the big surprise, I would love a final polished version with some minor lyrical tweaks so it can be my first dance song at my wedding
  4. I'm not sure if anyone has said this yet and I apologize if someone did, but after I listened the first few times, there was something about the song that sounded so familiar to me. I finally realized the "Do you think about heaven? Do you think about me?" melody is the same as "And all of what's hidden, well, it will never grow cold" from Terrence Loves You. I'm really loving all these callbacks to her previous work
  5. I'm actually doing this right now on my work commute. I started with AKA yesterday and listened to Born to Die today. You could start tomorrow like other users said
  6. jodygirrrl I'm watching it again and it looks like she wrote it on the microphone herself, but still, why is she signing a random microphone?
  7. I don't know how to embed Instagram videos, but I just saw a video of her signing things and holding a microphone that says DYKTTATUOB. A tour has to be coming!
  8. I'm waiting until release day to listen to the album because knowing most of Blue Banisters before it came out kinda ruined the experience for me, but reading everyone's comments has me SO EXCITED.
  9. I ended up doing the same thing. It was $5 more for me because I didn't order the other 7" before, but I'm happy I'll be getting both now
  10. I just realized this after placing my US order. Does anyone know if there's a discount code for the UK store so I can at least save on shipping?
  11. I think I'll get one of the 7" with Lana, but I don't know which one to pick. I'm kinda leaning towards the one with Hollywood Bowl on it because it's longer and has strings, but I feel like Lost at Sea may be a MAC reference. I'm torn
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