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  1. aly liked a post in a topic by xxmissdaytonaxx in LDR9 - Pre-Pre-Release Thread   
    as much as i don't want unreleased songs on the album, i wouldn't mind Cult Leader being on there if it's re-recorded and HQ. it would fit with eclipse's description perfectly. 
  2. aly liked a post in a topic by Wait For Life in LDR9 - Pre-Pre-Release Thread   
    All I’m gonna say is that given Lana has basically said nothing about this album it’s because she has a masterpiece in her hands
  3. aly liked a post in a topic by pin up galore in LDR9 - Pre-Pre-Release Thread   
    this is all so exciting with her website down i think we’re getting the whole album announcement on wednesday which is just so  i don’t think i’ve been this excited for one of her records since NFR BOZ’s teasing has got me so pumped for seeing what the vibe of the record is i can’t wait  with all the new exposure she’s gotten we might just have LANA WORLD DOMINATION 2023 like she’s always deserved  between this SZA and Caroline we really are about to be fed female excellence over the next few months 
  4. aly liked a post in a topic by NikoGo in LDR9 - Pre-Pre-Release Thread   
    I love waking up to insiders talking about the new record 
    I'm super hype, and Wednesday can't get here soon enough! 
  5. aly liked a post in a topic by honeymoon is alive in LDR9 - Pre-Pre-Release Thread   
    i really can't understand you guys, you are tired of the piano songs and when boz give signs of a different sound coming soon you complain too 
  6. aly liked a post in a topic by Lustformoney in LDR9 - Pre-Pre-Release Thread   
    Even lana hates Jacks production Jack dicksuckers lost once again
  7. aly liked a post in a topic by Map of LA in LDR9 - Pre-Pre-Release Thread   
    Finally getting our witchy era 
  8. aly liked a post in a topic by gsnlp in LDR9 - Pre-Pre-Release Thread   
    coven leader? Omg that sounds amazing. I expect  this to be some kind of tease and not speculating 
  9. aly liked a post in a topic by Alison by Slowdive in LDR9 - Pre-Pre-Release Thread   
    i sense ANOTHER groundbreaking, genre-blending, shapeshifting, breathtaking game changer from the queen of alternative 🌹🌹🌹🌹
  10. aly liked a post in a topic by your dealer in LDR9 - Pre-Pre-Release Thread   
    Is 8:25 am on the east coast here. A SUNDAY. Haven’t even made coffee and the insiders are SPILLING 
  11. aly liked a post in a topic by Map of LA in LDR9 - Pre-Pre-Release Thread   
    I have no idea what any of this means, but thanks for the info king!
  12. aly liked a post in a topic by 111 in LDR9 - Pre-Pre-Release Thread   
    All you have to do is listen to her words and watch who she is dating to understand the vibe you'll get. 
    She was unhappy with Chemtrails, she wanted to get it out asap and move onto Rock Candy Sweet (lol)/BB. She was unhappy because she felt like she couldn't say what she wanted to say about her family and she also felt like the production was too "Jacky" (sparse, letting the vocals and lyrics breathe while the production is as restrained as possible). That's not to say she doesn't like working with Jack, but during that period she was feeling rage and confronting her generational trauma after Sean. That's why she sought out different producers to give her moments like the ending of Black Bathing Suit or the drums on Wildflower Wildfire - angry, noisy, expressing her rage. That album was about her history, hence the lack of promo and the feeling of it being mixtape-y. Now that she got that out of her system and hopefully worked through some of her grief with her mother, comes the acceptance and grace as well as making it feel more like a proper rollout and era. She referenced Swan Song out of nowhere recently, a song about acceptance in some ways and moving on. She's also majorly influenced by the men she is dating due to her codependency: Francesco gave us beautiful Italian influenced vibes on Honeymoon, Berry gave us indie-rock vibes, G-Eazy gave us trap shit, Sean (and Nikki Flop) gave us midwest folk vibes, now I don't know much about Jack's music or personality but I see a lot of confidence, experimentation and a bit of witchy coven like vibes through the Neil flowers and W Magazine shoot. Flipping the narrative of her trauma of being the survivor of a cult and becoming a coven leader after processing her generational trauma? We'll see. 
  13. aly liked a post in a topic by Map of LA in LDR9 - Pre-Pre-Release Thread   
    The most interesting tweet from BoZ/Eclipse, to me, is when he said there's something for everyone in its variety, but it's nothing like Lust for Life
    That has me super intrigued now
  14. aly liked a post in a topic by prettywhenimhigh in LDR9 - Pre-Pre-Release Thread   
    variety... nothing like we heard before... yep that's the lana we all love and wanted back. personally I'm proud of being fan of someone who doesn't stick to the same thing forever. someone who had the courage to pull an ultraviolence after a sound like BTD
    queen mother is gonna scalp us alive!!! 
  15. aly liked a post in a topic by hotshot2am in LDR9 - Pre-Pre-Release Thread   
    BoZ said he will spill more once Lana officially announced the album.
  16. aly liked a post in a topic by Elle in LDR9 - Pre-Pre-Release Thread   
    I think at this point, that’s to be expected. With each record, Lana delivers something new, while still keeping that authentic, famous LDR touch. I dont think there has been or will ever be a true “2.0” record in whole, but if anything, certain elements of certain songs may remind fans of past vibes. That’s just with her staying true to her signature styles she’s had in her artistry since the beginning. Each record has been distinct from its prior, while still obviously being a Lana record. I think that’s what we can expect for now - a new yet familiar variety of sounds that both progresses from yet reminisces what we’ve known and loved from Lana over the years x
  17. aly liked a post in a topic by 111 in LDR9 - Pre-Pre-Release Thread   
    how about it not sounding anything like her previous records... was that possibility considered
  18. aly liked a post in a topic by TextBook in LDR9 - Pre-Pre-Release Thread   
    • better than BB and COCC
    • not a Honeymoon x Ultra
    • not a LfL “kind of soundscape”
    My guess is a NFR kind of record
  19. aly liked a post in a topic by 111 in LDR9 - Pre-Pre-Release Thread   
    i love when fake insiders get exposed... just scratches an itch for me!
  20. aly liked a post in a topic by Xenoblade 3 in LDR9 - Pre-Pre-Release Thread   
    Miss mystical creature is over I think .
  21. aly liked a post in a topic by lol1995 in LDR9 - Pre-Pre-Release Thread   
    im so curious
  22. aly liked a post in a topic by hotshot2am in LDR9 - Pre-Pre-Release Thread   
    BoZ clarified "not at all" like Lust For Life and also not Honeymoon x Ultraviolence.
  23. aly liked a post in a topic by BlueINK in LDR9 - Pre-Pre-Release Thread   
    Oh the songs on NFR are mostly good, some very good. For me it's really the production that's throwing me off, and tbh the sudden praise by everyone who felt completely fine hating on her from 2011-15 annoyed me too. It seemed so hypocritical. So I have to admit, poor NFR partly earned my dislike because of the people who suddenly liked it/Lana, like after HM it literally became fashionable to love her until QFTC.
    I'd just like a lush production and some sort of cohesiveness. So excited for the tracklist reveal, the best part of a pre-realease era imo.
  24. aly liked a post in a topic by Elle in LDR9 - Pre-Pre-Release Thread   
    The thing about NFR and I think why it appealed to the GP so much (who tend to like her earlier works BTD & UV) is that it had certain elements of these records with a modern-Lana flair. Like, I could easily see songs like MAC, California, and The Greatest fitting on UV with a Dan Auerbach production. Same for songs like Cinnamon Girl, Doin’ Time, and HIAB, those could fit on BTD with an Emile Hayne production. Then songs like Bartender, NFR, and HIADT are more align with her current records. I think NFR had a proper mix of her old and current sound, which made it likable to both casual listeners and huge fans. There was a little bit of everything and something for everyone. I can see the same thing happening with LDR9 - revisiting her prior records in certain elements while delivering a more current Lana sound that we’ve seen in her recent records. A little blend of everything that can appeal to everyone. Again, I don’t want to speak too soon especially after just one’s person opinion, but I do feel that a stamp of approval from someone who isn’t the biggest Lana fan is a really good sign all around x
    Okay I saw this right after I made the first portion of this post, but this is exactly what I mean. I feel like this record will offer a good variety of sounds that can appeal to everyone, both casual listeners & big fans x
  25. aly liked a post in a topic by Elle in LDR9 - Pre-Pre-Release Thread   
    Usually, I'm not one to "move" too much over insider tea especially since a lot of it is subjective based on the insider's personal tastes, but I feel like BOZ saying it's a "really great record" and that it is "[better] by a landslide" than Chemtrails & Blue Banisters which weren't necessarily fan-favourites is a good sign that this record will be really well received by both fans and the general public. Overall, BOZ isn't the biggest Lana fan, so I feel like him actually really liking the record means it's going to be something really incredible.
    I personally really love both Chemtrails & Blue Banisters, with both being my Top 2 Lana records played of 2022 respectively, but I know the GP didn't care for them as much. If someone like BOZ who isn't a huge Lana fan speaks highly of the album, then this raises even my own hopes/expectations quite a bit x
    The other night I had a dream that I've forgotten most of by now, but I remember there was some sort of hint made by Lana that lead fans to believe this record was going to be a return to her earlier records sonically, so BTD/P/UV/HM. I know that each of her records have been distinct and different from the last, so no true ___ 2.0 seems feasible, but I wouldn't be too surprised if certain sonic elements from her previous records made an appearance on the new one given BOZ's likeness of the record aligned with what he typically likes from her x
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