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    Charli XCX

    personally I find the combination of being bisexual and a Charli fan to be remarkably sexy
  2. wholeheartedly agree with this - Terrence is Lana operating at the height of her powers. even to this day I still ascend whenever I listen to it, especially when the stunning bridge rolls around, with her achingly beautiful delivery and the poignant Bowie reference. I don't think Lana can be categorized as a traditional pop artist, despite her having dabbled in the genre with the BTD and LFL albums. I generally consider her either alternative or singer-songwriter because most of her music does not seem crafted in a pop vein -- that is, music crafted for mass consumption. I especially feel this way for albums that defy categorization like Honeymoon. I could never call that album pop because it's just so artistic and thoughtfully crafted, with many songs exceeding five minutes. I think with her last three albums she's firmly been in singer-songwriter mode and I'm so interested to see what path she takes with her next album. edit: I'd like to add I think some of her music is pop in the way Kate Bush's and the Cocteau Twins' music is pop, that is, it fits nicely into art pop and dream pop categories, which I think is an important distinction because it implies an alternative, more experimental slant to pop but preserves some of its impulses. also, those subgenres are more favored by "alternative" music listeners and typically achieve less commercial success than traditional pop
  3. well definitely not at her house because that would be a stalker's dream and we know hers are uniquely deranged
  4. realistically I don't think she'll ever do that she's too private I fear
  5. she's going to tease again today I can feel it
  6. "Norman Fucking Rockwell! reveals an indisputable fact: Lana Del Rey is the next best American songwriter, period." pitchfork knows her groundbreaking automatic singing era is coming
  7. do you have anything specific to share about the album, like runtime, number of tracks, whether the cover is in color or not, etc
  8. I'm sorry but it just seems so unlikely that she'd make another song like Cruel World.. this list smells fishy
  9. Lana say Hi, we may be delusional but we don't bite I promise
  10. so are you psychic? or are you Neil himself? much to think about
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