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  1. easy .. meh voices carry on the other hand deserves
  2. period donald they are as shallow as a kiddie pool and share the same one and a half braincell. get them outta here!
  3. i kind of hate now that they posted together because all of the boring and basic ass locals are discovering him and salem and just don't understand and are taking it all seriously his ig is part of the creative world he built. everytime i see someone "omg trump supporter tease" a vein in my forehead pops.
  4. yes it's his bandmate john they're not cousins he's just a troll
  5. sulli

    Addison Rae

    i just have a feeling shes being coy and teasing music with all those tweets omg
  6. chicago, where he lived/went to school (not sure if he still does live here but i believe he does) has the most polish immigrants of any place in america, there's polish stuff everywhere so he probably like got it at a thrift store and thought it was cool bc there's tons of clothes with polish stuff on it, a lot of my friends just buy stuff at the thrift store with orzel bialy on it because they like it, i do too but my parents are actually from poland
  7. omg they went to oak street beach together i wish i knew omg
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