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  1. Yeah! a new album from HTDA would be really interesting, the whole atmosphere of that project is really mysterious and i like it
  2. yeah she is, she has a beautiful voice, they have a debut album only. this is a song of the album, is called Welcome Oblivion.
  3. Anyone has heard How To Destroy Angels? a musical project formed by Trent Reznor and Atticus Ross
  4. highme


    Cindy is a musical project made by Kai Hugo (Palmbomen II) and singer, model and director Blue LoLãn, the project mixes electronic, shoegaze, dream pop and ambient sounds with catchy tunes. The debut album was released on World Of Paint on June 3, 2020. i found the album on spotify and the cover caught my atention so i decided to listen to it and i fell in love with the sound of the whole project, enjoy.
  5. i just found this on YouTube, her decisions are so wrong but she is so talented, completely diva.
  6. i have a question, what's going on with her model career?
  7. highme

    Lady Gaga

    ive been waiting for this leak since 2010
  8. highme

    Lady Gaga

    this kind of sound is perfect for her
  9. highme

    Lady Gaga

    2022 and i'm still waiting to hear the full song
  10. i used to be in love with her unreleased material when i was a child. this song
  11. Just look at her, her beauty is just perfect
  12. i still remember that situation, seing her face on these pics was so sad
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