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  1. Gold petalled sunflowers offer the serenity of my father whose hands disband San Francisco
  2. Maybe she’s working with Brian Fennell. She posted about him back in March or April, I’ve been listen to his EP “You Knew It Was Me” and it’s full of instrumentals that she’d fit right in on. Musically it just feels like they would jive really well.
  3. It must’ve just been someone who saw the opportunity to steal a MacBook, not necessarily someone who knew it was her? Otherwise wouldn’t everything be leaked already?
  4. i have to imagine this will be similar to exile from folklore. piano based, gut wrenching, contrasting vocals singing to each other before harmonizing together at the end. there were a couple songs on folklore that truly were incredibly written, combine that with Lana’s own lyricism and melodies and it’s hard to believe this song won’t be good. although snow on the beach sounds like a lana parody so I must admit I’m scared
  5. Rockefeller, my umbrella, god I love you baby Storyteller, LA dweller, thought I needed saving
  6. A couple months ago she posted a video of Colter Wall singing Sleeping on the Blacktop, and I just have to say if she gave us country songs half as good as that I know we’ll all eat it up. Her version of country is not Carrie Underwood and Blake Shelton (both of which fully just make pop music with a twang). It will definitely swing more western and Americana. She’s best friends with Nikki Lane for gods sake
  7. I would love some songs reminiscent of the honeymoon title track. Not thematically, but just something that meanders and breathes so nicely. I hope she’s wordy but takes her time with it, even if the songs end up being super long. It would be a nice contrast to songs like wildfire wildflower, which is obviously beautiful, but she throws a LOT of lyrics at you all at once. An album with a nice mix of both styles would be really cool.
  8. I really love Del Norte County though. I think if she’s going in
  9. I truly do feel bad, I was honestly just high and bored. Just wanted to have fun, I didn’t know it was against the rules. Sorry guys
  10. Ok I can’t do it anymore, please don’t hate me. I have no info, I just like writing lyrics and I thought devil never cries was a cool concept. It was pretty dry here lately so I thought I would bring some excitement and see if I could get anyone to buy it. I truly do love this little community and have been browsing for a couple years, I just wanted to have some fun. I would love to stay if you’ll still have me. Sorry everybody.
  11. you said the devil never cries, you lied if the devil never dies, why am I? last line of the song
  12. sunkissed reminiscence feeling the embrace of the earth ———— lush ambience of blue banisters, sensual melodies of Arcadia verses, cinnamon girl drums (but slower and quieter) seems to be the best way to describe it edit: the more I listen, the more disappointed I am this won’t make the album. it’s not a huge departure from blue banisters, but it feels more purposeful, more put together.
  13. I’ve always been honest, never made a promise I couldn’t keep but you still won’t see my eyes, I guess you are what you made me The demons dancing in the dark refuse to die now that my life is already an art, I can lose the fight You forced me into a wish, made me break it- now I’ve lied You said the devil never cries if that was true, why am I?
  14. honestly that website scares the fuck out of me so I haven’t heard it…
  15. I’ve only heard one song, and I’m only assuming it’s the mystical DNC. I have no confirmed title but the lyrics would work. Apparently it’s scrapped because it covers a bunch of topics generally that other songs go into deep detail individually. It’s beautiful though. I’m not an insider, I just got lucky in the DM’s of a certain someone. I’ve been looking at Lanaboards for years but I had to make an account, I couldn’t contain the excitement. My file is low quality and I will not be sharing it until we get a tracklist and I’m sure it’s not on it. But I’m happy to talk.
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