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  1. i have to be honest i am worried her tour will be delayed because she may catch monkeypox from Jack Donoghue
  2. i heard Lana Del Rey was unvaccinated for both Covid and Monkeypox
  3. i'll pray for ya, but you'll need a miracle
  4. its a lot of political posturing so everyone on an internet forum can know just how virtuous and empathetic you are, tearing down the RACISM, FASCISM, AND COLONIALISM that's devastated so many. idgaf one way or another about the queen, but some of yall are so fucking retarded with this shit. who are you helping posting on lanaboards to let everyone know how RIGHT your opinion is and GOOD you are as a person. everyone here has a computer and internet access, doubtless youve got food and shelter too! a lot of people wanna whine about oppression and all this, when theyd have no idea what that looks like because theyve never experienced anything close. yes, the british empire did horrible things. theres all sorts of atrocities have occurred throughout history and societies all over the globe. i think this false dichotomy where one side is faultless and victimized and another is, as some in the thread have said, literally evil and terrible, is just so reductive and absurd. let people feel how they feel about the damn queen on this meaningless corner of the internet. how exactly are anyones OH SO HOLY WISE VIRTUOUS SAVIOR COME TO SAVE THE IGNORANT FROM THEMSELVES comments helpful to anyone who is actually oppressed at present -- i.e. doesnt have food, shelter, clean air, clean water? grow the fuck up. you can whine about whatever histories whatever identity groups have faced till youre blue in the face, and youre not doing shit for someone going hungry. which btw, occurs all over the world, even in the UK. fight the "oppression" in your own backyard before moaning about some shit on a goddamn pop music forum so you can seem smart and "on the right side." the posturing. the privileged pretending their BELIEFS efface the power they hold. yall think queen elizabeth should have given all stolen british wealth back to whence it came, abolished the monarchy, and established all "white" people as servants for all "POC" until someone decided theyd had enough? well go ahead and sell everything you own and give it to the poor or shut the fuck up with your senseless arrogant whining thats completely divorced from reality. mod note: user has been warned for this post
  5. wow this news is honestly sending me today. i actually knew the queen. we hadn't spoken or met for a few years, but i fondly remember the times i spent with her. a decade back, she was really going thru tough stuff emotionally just thinking about how being queen had sort of prevented her from ever having like a hot girl summer, you know? or a slut phase. or even a single rebellious phase. anyway, she would sneak out of buckingham palace and get in my car and we'd go clubbing. shed always put on a cute disguise, and it was really cool seeing her sense of style and fashion blossom in like hot clubbing outfits. she always had really cute dresses and accessories because she was rich as hell, but shed also get these really hot wigs that made her look like a totally different person. i will always remember the time we got kicked out of the bar, went to taco bell, and drove and sat in my car at this lookout spot on a famous cliff and smoked a joint and listened to Born to Die for the first time... girl i will MISS you! gone but not forgotten, seriously. RIP Lizzy
  6. tbh i would NOT be mad at this


    hope is a dangerous muscle for a fungus like me to have (but it allows us to connect)


    i feel like Björk is so in her own lane and giving so much "eternal musical genius prodigy" that the big music critics dont dare touch any sort of negativity or examining her (admittedly incredible and amazing) art as like a layperson. she is absolutely groundbreaking and doing stuff no one else does, and playing with the possibilities of sound and music, and i'm so grateful. but i do wonder what it would be like if she tried to make even just one new song that could be immediately accessed and understood by someone who hasn't been initiated into the musical scaffolding of Björk. she used to make bops now its all this discordant weird time signatures stuff thats brilliant but i know this bitch has it in her to serve another bop. even just one!


    i absolutely love it. somehow this song is accessed more easily than a lot of her other lead singles in recent years. it's perfect for this time, for what we're going through. so much of modern politics concerns how people with differing identities are absolutely disparate, disconnected from others, with experiences unable to be understood, but we are all human. our differences are irrelevant. placing this wall between us and others is just excuses to Not connect. i've personally been struggling with this thing: when i try to be kind to others, open, generous, personable, i am opening myself to vulnerability, to the possibility of rejection. i started a new job where i try to be nice to everyone, to introduce myself and be kind, be open. but some people shut me down, be rude, make me feel hurt for even trying. and i think, if i close myself off, don't be nice, don't open myself to that vulnerability to rejection, i don't have to deal with this. but if i do that, i also shut myself off from any possible connection with the beautiful, wonderful others who i love to get to know. Bjork is really coming thru. this is so timely, important, relevant, meaninglful. we HAVE to connect. our plants MUST reach out, within reason, to see we are all one wondrous, indescribable, ineffable living organism called THE EARTH
  10. EARTHA


  11. the girls will EAT october 14
  12. Lana will collab with Azealia Banks and MIA
  13. EARTHA

    Jack Donoghue

    i think thats the appeal. hes a regular down to earth hunk, not like the pretty boys that populate LA. his band was pretty influential and its good if youre into that kind of music
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