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  1. I don’t want to go to one of the listening parties by myself like some sort of pervert, but none of my friends are really into Lana so I’m not sure what I’ll do
  2. I know nobody cares but I can’t listen if CN isn’t there. I will NOT leave her out in the cold
  3. The small record store I went to this morning said that it wouldn’t go on sale until the 24th and he wouldn’t tell me whether or not they had received it already. I’m assuming that means they did. Wasn’t on sale at my Walmart either
  4. If there is anyone here who has not already become unhinged, now is the time
  5. matchstick26

    Miley Cyrus

    I wasn’t expecting to like this album at all because I hate Flowers but all eleven of the other tracks are f***ing scalping me WTF
  6. I have therapy in ten minutes and I’m going to make him go over this thread with me in excruciating detail
  7. My psychiatrist won’t give me any. She says I can’t have it while I’m prescribed adderall
  8. Did you know there’s a tunnel (a record store) under (11 miles south of) Ocean Blvd (my house) but they don’t open until Thursday at noon
  9. It’s going to leak on Sunday because that’s my birthday and a wise woman once said “every man gets his wish”
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