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  1. Post your favorite Christmas songs! I need more to add to my playlist! Here’s my favorite:
  2. Legit laughed out loud. She’ll release a the lead single and the album 6 months apart like Love and L4L and watch the world burn
  3. Meat Candle

    Allie X

    Angrily pre-ordering the $20 CD out of guilt for listening to the leek. I still hate the cover I was hoping it would grow on me but I just can’t. Oh well. AOTY
  4. Meat Candle

    Dua Lipa

    Houdini is probably my favorite thing she’s done so far so I’m kind of sad that I keep reading the rest of the album isn’t going to sound like it
  5. Meat Candle


    I can listen to this from top to bottom no skips and I enjoy every minute of it. Even Motorbike grew on me and I hated that the first time I listened. Linger is definitely my favorite. My only complaint is I wish most of the songs were longer. Prove It, Church Outfit, Flicker, and the title track all feel WAY too short to me
  6. Meat Candle

    Allie X

    yes that’s me! Thank you
  7. Meat Candle

    Taylor Swift

    I was being 1,000% sarcastic I want them to L-word so bad sis <3
  8. Meat Candle

    Allie X

    Will the album be released on CD or does she only do vinyl? I would love to buy physicals of this when it’s out
  9. Meat Candle

    Taylor Swift

    On my Spotify it’s only on the 1989 TV (Deluxe)
  10. Meat Candle

    Taylor Swift

    If any of the vault tracks actually ARE from 1989 sessions, it would be a shame if the original demos ended up online like what happened with Forever Winter. I would HATE that. I hope that DOESN’T happen
  11. Meat Candle

    Taylor Swift

    The vault tracks are fine. Idk if I believe that any of them are actually 1989 outtakes though
  12. Meat Candle

    Britney Spears

    I’ve never liked the song at all but I do think the video is f*cking stunning
  13. Meat Candle

    Allie X

    I’ve always been told that reporting anything on there is like shouting at the wall- they don’t really do anything 99.9% of the time
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