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  1. im not a native english speaker but ive always thought that her legacy=her future potential children. like her offspring picking up the torch for her after she dies (her legacy). that could echo with her poem "my bedroom is a sacred place now — there are children at the foot of my bed" (bed on which the making of life/children occurs). to me it also echoes with her wish to be a mother which already came up in her lyrics ("will the baby be alright, will i have one of my own"). we know she wants to be a mom, maybe an even better one than patricia; but it's not my place to be speculating about that to be fair
  2. swimming in the freaking mississippi river....out of all rivers.....
  3. 14n4

    MARINA (and The Diamonds)

    I would really enjoy that and even though i doubt she's artistically in "that" place anymore, it'd be a good compromise to make so she can get started in her indie journey. Ppl would buy the heck out of this project; she could even hire a fan to do the artwork just like for froot era
  4. NOT HIM REGISTERING THE NEPO DADDY DOMAIN BYEEEE THIS IS SO HIM edit he registered several ones i cant
  5. watched the thing i cried so hard i still havent stopped. i didnt want her to leave. cathartic and beautiful ; thats what happens when you feel understood yk
  6. 14n4

    MARINA (and The Diamonds)

    i would've enjoyed purge the poison more if she called out the UK with their crazy history of colonization instead of praying for God to "forgive america for every single war". there's defo a LOT of things to say about the united kingdom and i wish she could focus a bit more on her country. i respect her penchant for america but i genuinely think she could do great things when it comes to calling out her homeland. maybe that'd be risky since the monarchy seems to still be this huge thing, but you know what that would make her work genuinely controversial and thought-provoking. i think that would be refreshing and i really need something new from marina. if we're gonna be political then let's just do that to be honest
  7. it'd be cute if she released all the stuff in her vault under lizzy grant. like a reference to the past
  8. LDR albums as rocks Sirens: aquamarine AKA: kunzite BTD: diamond Paradise: amber and yellow sapphire UV: rainbow obsidian and labradorite HM: malachite LFL: raspberry rhodolite NFR: tanzanite COTCC: grey spinel BB: brown tourmaline DYKTTATUOB: black opal or ammolite
  9. is this a fan-written biography or were you unfamiliar with lana before ?
  10. 14n4

    Melanie Martinez

    NOT BATTLE OF THE LARYNXXXXXXXX literally so interesting lyrically!!!!!! as someone who studies linguistics i saw some references and i wondered if they were intentional or not. but i thought the lyrics were very clever......... i'd honestly give it more time if i were y'all but i get where you're coming from. she could very well be experimenting (with drugs 2) but the art is fire to me so. i dont think she's falling from grace or anything of the sort. it's a wild ride though i'll give u that
  11. 14n4

    Melanie Martinez

    i love seeing people live their art to the fullest. it's quirky and enchanting. i'd wait a few more years to see if that's some psychotic break, but in the mean time....i'll appreciate the vision and dedication ✨️✨️✨️ she's really doing IT
  12. been wondering if this is about the same person she referred to in MAC — "you took my sadness out of context". she mentionned mariners' being (partly or fully, can't rmb) about this dude who thought they were both messed up, that they had this thing in common. but she actually thought she had her life together by that point in her life, so she didn't recieve that comment very well. anyway, fishtail makes me think of this lil story. love this and love her!
  13. 14n4

    Instagram Updates

    effortlessly beautiful. like she fits the marilyn look so well. didn't even need to try too hard like some. she's a natural. love that, love her!
  14. this paragraph, specifically the line "pulled me up by my waist" really makes me think of the "waist deep in icy waves" thingy. i don't know if lana genuinely has a song with that specific title in the attic....but it could very much be about that experience of hers...getting pulled up by her waist after drowning herself in this cold cold water. what a thing to experience, especially for a child.
  15. got me crying i was hugging my plushie the whole time and still am. she just gets me fr i dont think i'll stop crying it's cathartic in a way
  16. its so funny how ppl were harrassing him online thinking the piano pics were referring to LDR10 when all this time they couldve been abt his solo
  17. 14n4

    65th GRAMMY Awards

    giving her ever category and crumb but the main award. she wouldve had even more grammys if they didnt treat her that way for years. whatever i guess
  18. will forever be grateful for the ppl that share lana's acapellas, spend a lot of time to exctract them or just leak em.....
  19. 14n4

    MARINA (and The Diamonds)

    i hope she gets to read it out loud for us. intonation and rhythm would definitely help us interpret and understand her piece. if she makes a whole poetry book in that style, i think the audiobook format would be great. i believe marina has a way with words but my comprehension skills can only go so far lmao. i also don't want her to get dragged for her creative choices; so record yourself rina!!!!!! love seeing her shine but sometimes what she puts out can be difficult to grasp. she has the vision tho. love her
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