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  1. My List: - Carmen - Burning Desire - West Coast - Music To Watch Boys To - Cherry - The Greatest - Chemtrails Over The Country Club - Violets For Roses - Angels Forever, Forever Angels - Serene Queen - Crazy For You
  2. As @EARTHA would say: "Album will be out on October 14th we are going to eat girlies" R.I.P to them
  3. sad angel forever

    Song vs. Song

    Ride vs. God Knows I Tried
  4. sad angel forever

    Taylor Swift

    If these bitches really paired up I don't know what I'm going to do with my life, this is too perfect and beautiful
  5. sad angel forever

    Taylor Swift

    TAYLANA COULD BE TRUE!! Check Taylor's last TikTok at 0:06 - 0:07 ! Look at her sweater, isn't it familiar?
  6. All the ladies of the canyon wearin' black to the house parties
  7. sad angel forever

    Song vs. Song

    Angels Forever, Forever Angels vs. Ride
  8. sad angel forever

    Song vs. Song

    Raise Me Up (Mississippi South) vs. Brite Lites (Steven Mertens Demo)
  9. I just hope @Elle will put an end to this thread
  10. When I look back Tracing fingertips over plastic bags, I think, I wish I could extrapolate some small intention Or maybe get your attention For a minute or two Rockefeller, My umbrella, God I love you, baby Storyteller...
  11. Mascara is such a rare word for Lana, I don't know if it means anything, but it got me for some reason and I thought about the songs where she mentioned mascara (she never used the word after BTD, unless I forgot songs): Here’s to the girl with the blue mascara Miss America with the blue mascara on While she starts to cry mascara running down her little Bambi eyes Got mascara thick, I get emotional So put on mascara and your party dress
  12. Even if this pic was meant for someone else, doesn't mean Neil isn't involved with photoshoots for the next album But I still believe this is for Lana
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