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  1. The vocals at 5:51 reminds me so much of the high notes of Cola and I LOVE IT
  2. This is the experience of being an American Whore
  3. I'm just catching up with the news, THE SERENE QUEEN SHOUT OUT Fucking love that song!! I can't... ... I already knew Kintsugi is gonna be that bitch, but she is gonna be THAT BITCH!
  4. Hawaiian Tropic vs. Every Man Gets His Wish
  5. It's crazy how she's going through shit like this.....can't imagine the amount of effort she put into her poetry book and now it's stolen
  6. The fact that throughout LDR9/10 Era most of us had dreams about Lana and her upcoming album + the water element, Waist Deep In Icy Waves, Neil's Photo (?), even with tarot cards reading we had cold/icy visions for Lana... And now we have a collab called Snow On The Beach...it gives me major Brooklyn Baby vibes
  7. Snow On The Beach ft. Lana Del Rey TAYLANA IS REAL I'm in the afterlife
  8. My List: - Carmen - Burning Desire - West Coast - Music To Watch Boys To - Cherry - The Greatest - Chemtrails Over The Country Club - Violets For Roses - Angels Forever, Forever Angels - Serene Queen - Crazy For You
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