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  1. Honeymoon (Deluxe Edition) 1. Honeymoon 2. Music To Watch Boys To 3. Terrence Loves You 4. God Knows I Tried 5. High By The Beach 6. Freak 7. Art Deco 8. Burnt Norton (Interlude) 9. Religion 10. Salvatore 11. The Blackest Day 12. 24 13. Swan Song 14. Don't Let Me Be Missunderstood 15. Crazy For You 16. Honeymoon - Live / BBC Radio 1 Live Lounge 17. Terrence Loves You - Live / BBC Radio 1 Live Lounge 18. High By The Beach - Live / BBC Radio 1 Live Lounge
  2. I’d put million dollar man and diet mtn dew as bonus tracks Same
  3. as the title says if you cant think of everything just choose 2 things shed do
  4. i love it and yeah i mean i like so am i but i feel it sounds way too simaller to sweet but psycho
  5. lol yeah i was trying to tell a story and thought lolita worked
  6. Born To Die Born To Die Lolita Off To The Races Radio Video Games National Anthem Summertime Sadness Dark Paradise Blue Jeans Carmen This Is What Makes Us Girls i didn’t know where to put million dollar man or diet mtn dew
  7. I read somewhere on here that from a paradise edition of btd video it featured and early version of the Tracklist and this what the track list was (excluding burning desire and Hollywood)
  8. Paradise (Deluxe Edition) Ride Cola American Gods And Monsters Body Electric (Paradise Tour Version) Blue Velvet Bel Air Yayo Hollywood Burning Desire Note: I used the original tracklist and added hollywood and burning desire to it
  9. promise me its the second demo of alien love the ideas btw
  10. https://dbree.org/v/0f8d71 this is what im listening to
  11. Just a question I want to rearrange blue banisters, Chemtrails and other lana albums what order should I rearrange them in?
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