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  1. almost had a heart attack because i didnt see Vicious at first.
  2. ts2003

    Taylor Swift

    I claim say don’t go
  3. ts2003

    Taylor Swift

    Maybe it’s called lust
  4. Love it except for the lack of goodnight n go, she deserves to be a bonus track at least
  5. ts2003

    Katy Perry

    Oop, Katy sold her discography
  6. Keep in mind it’s a very early draft and I feed back is always welcome
  7. Beautiful Eyes Crazier Beautiful Eyes I Heart ? Better Off Dark Blue Tennessee I'd Lie Permanent Marker Sparks Fly (2007 Version)
  8. ts2003

    Taylor Swift

    Yes It was BUT it was originally recorded back in 2003 so who knows
  9. ts2003

    Taylor Swift

    not really but go off
  10. ts2003

    Taylor Swift

    Ngl I’ll be so upset if Harry styles is a feature on 1989 tv (not talking about the leaks)
  11. ts2003

    Taylor Swift

    Good I want my vault scramble
  12. ts2003

    Taylor Swift

    So Apparently the Tracklist for 1989 tv leaked not sure how to feel
  13. ts2003

    Taylor Swift

    Unless it’s a remix I doubt she will. Besides the tv of it already came out
  14. ts2003

    Taylor Swift

    1989 tv cover edit
  15. ts2003

    Charli XCX

    Meow Wait forgot I was gonna turn of notifications for this
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