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  1. My Love (For You Re-Release) Lose You To Love Me Wolves (with Marshmello) Slow Down Hands To Myself Come & Get It Back To You (From "13 Reasons Why") Love You Like A Love Song Who Says Good For You (feat. ASAP Rocky) People You Know The Heart Wants What It Wants Feel Me It Ain't Me (with Kygo) Naturally Rare Tell Me Something I Don't Know TBA (Previously Unreleased) TBA (Previously Unreleased) TBA (Previously Unreleased) TBA (Previously Unreleased)
  2. ts2003

    Taylor Swift Boards?

    Ewwww why would I go reddit. Especially on r/Taylor swift Also sorry if I came across as rude their… bad experiences their
  3. ts2003

    Taylor Swift Boards?

    It was just a site idea… and Taylor boards isn’t even close to the final name
  4. ts2003

    Taylor Swift Boards?

    Tbh Taylor boards isn’t even the final name lol
  5. ts2003

    Taylor Swift Boards?

    I have no idea how to use the site to make it lol
  6. ts2003

    Taylor Swift Boards?

    Okay I will. However might be a hot while before it happens.
  7. Is their one? Cause I would totally make one… I mean I made a discord server before. Also if this isn’t the appropriate place to ask lemme know where to post it.
  8. Also thought I’d say that if she did get free as a tease for lfl that would the bomb
  9. ts2003

    Taylor Swift

    tbh i dont really listen to taylor swift that much anymore... well her pre 1989 stuff (execpt state of grace thats a bop). just kinda grew out of her a bit
  10. i love russian roullette (the rihanna song) listening to it rn
  11. Don’t know who sky Ferrari is but waits cutely for the thread to lock again lol
  12. Fair tbh I agree lemme fix that actually
  13. Midnights (70's Rock Edition) Lavender Haze Maroon Anti-Hero You're On Your Own Kid Would've, Could've, Should've Snow On The Beach Midnight Rain Question…? Sweet Nothing Labyrinth Mastermind Karma Bejeweled Vigilante Shit* The City (The 1975 Cover)* Notes * = Bonus Tracks. All tracks would be reproduced to a more 70's rock production. Lana Del Rey would provide uncredited backing vocals on track 4 "Snow On The Beach". Midnight Rain would have a different vocal take w/o the deep voice effect.
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