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  1. okay im not sure if this has been said already but I love how the lyrics say "I'm a princess, I'm divisive" as almost a call back to her most divisive song ultraviolence where she sings "yo soy la princessa". he mind is just genius.
  2. I could so see her releasing a reworked version of yes to heaven. but she would put it on the tracklist as some sort of weird title.
  3. LDRX TRACKLIST 1. Who Am I To You? 2. Pelagic 3. We Remembered 4. Unlighted and Unfortunate 5. Dissipated Clarity 6. Vague Moment 7. Dreamless Wonder 8. Eyes Of A New 9. Verglas Blanket 10. The Littoral 11. Across The Heartbeat 12. Wind Down Scars 13. Nightmare
  4. blue banisters is her saddest album
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