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  1. i hate to be one of those people but could someone catch me up on any new info regarding the album the last few days? pls n thank u
  2. i am like this but with my mum. i always wanna show her lana songs/albums bc i feel like they are right up her alley but then i get embarrassed by lana's more provocative lines & wonder if that is too much for my mum to handle
  3. in a way i feel all her albums are not quite a break or departure from the previous but a natural progression where she refines previous themes/sounds while also introducing new ones.
  4. i think she is going to wait til the album comes out to reveal the tracklist. this is her secrecy era
  5. honestly i feel like most albums should only get one variant like they did back in the day. maybe 2 so there can be a different colour/different cover for fans who like collecting but it is insane that most artists are releasing 5+ variants. it is getting out of hand & i think that will kill the popularity of vinyl which makes me sad bc i was so happy vinyl was having a revival since it is the most sustainable music format imo.
  6. the retailer in my country that got the red cotcc vinyl still has tons of copies so if this album is anything like that, it will not be rare at all. but who knows bc i expected them to get the red bb vinyl but they never did. seems like only us & uk got that one.
  7. personally rn i feel like the white will be the most rare since it is just from her webstore & not a big retailer. i think the light pink will be the second most rare bc it is already sold out on most anazon sites & the email from lana's store shows that one as sold out yet none of the others are shown that way which makes me think it really will not be restocked. then i would say the dark pink bc it seems like with cotcc, it will be available thru a different retailer in each country instead of just target/hmv like with bb. & i feel like the green might be the most available of the alt variants bc it seems like it is available at even more indie stores than her indie exclusive usually is plus if it is the one urban outfitters gets, it will definitely be a little more abundant. then of course i think the standard will be the easiest to find bc for years after it will probably be the only one sold. but i am not an expert on what retailers get restocks usually, so this is all just my assumptions. summarized assumption (rare to least rare): white light pink dark pink green black
  8. "love me until i love myself" & "come on baby you can thrive but i can't" are the two lines in the new song that kill me the most. i feel those deep in my soul & i cannot get thru those lines without crying
  9. in the song when lana sings about harry nilsson saying "i wish i had a friend like him" that is exactly how i feel when i listen to lana
  10. do we know yet how many tracks will be on each vinyl side? it might help us figure out which songs are longer & what the other interlude is
  11. yes! that is the main thing i do not like about the white vinyl. i wish it had the text like the other ones (& also another colournof waves in the gatefold). it is fun that it is the most different sleeve but it is also the most boring (sorry lana, please forgive me)
  12. normally i just get one standard on black vinyl & one alternate cover (&if there is no alt cover, then just a coloured vinyl instead) but i could not help myself this time getting 2 alt covers & i am still debating getting the other 2 as well even tho i already hate myself for buying 3 copies of this album. they are just so pretty this time. why lana whyyy
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