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  1. i almost wanna get the pink hoodie since its just like the one lana made at the mall but its so expensive and i've heard such bad things about ldr village. maybe i can just make my own at the mall like lana did lol
  2. i feel like to an extent its a defensive thing. just like when she said most of her unreleased are objectively bad or that she didn't want anyone to hear blue banisters. like it seems like she's more outwardly critical about her music that's very personal. almost like it would hurt more for people to drag her music the more personal it is so she beats them to the punchline so if someone says fingertips is a bad song or that blue banisters isn't worth listening to or that her unreleased songs are unreleased bc they suck, she can be like "well i already said that first so i don't care!" almost like her "the reviews aren't aupposed to be good" from the other day
  3. there's a record store about an hour and a half away from where i live where we heard they already had the album so my husband called for me but they said they've already had a bunch of people try to buy it but they can't sell it yet
  4. i'll admit it really bums me out that the album leaked and everyone is already enjoying it and then on wednesday there's gonna be the listening parties so by that point literally everyone will have gotten to hear the record yet i still have to wait til release day since there's no listening parties anywhere near me and i'm not gonna listen to the leak and it almost feels like the world is out to get me and i know this sounds whiny and its no one else's problem but my own but it sucks
  5. how camp would it be if they didn't play candy necklace at the listening parties
  6. everything i've heard about this album so far is making me feel like its a grown up version of lana del ray aka lizzy grant. she's come full circle
  7. i don't think so. i know she started working on some songs from chemtrails while still working on norman but i don't think most sre outtakes. the title track & tulsa jesus freak & not all who wander are lost all seem to at least partially be about sean especially with the midwest references and she was still dating chase when norman was released. then breaking up slowly definitely wasn't an outtake since she only become close friends with nikki lane on the norman tour, & same with dance till we die since she only became friends with joan baez on the norman tour too. then the cover of for free she also started performing on the norman tour and didn't perform it with her friends til the hollywood bowl show so i doubt that was an outtake. i'm not aure about the rest of thw songs (i mean i know yosemite was a lust for life outtake but thats the only one i know for sure) but it seems like most of chemtrails was probably written shortly after norman came out. and the current album is cleary written post-blue banisters so even if it feels like the proper follow up to norman, i don't think it was ever supposed to be. i don't feel likw this album would even be what it is without her getting chemtrails and blue banisters out of her system first.if anything she might just have had more opportunities to make this album grander now that the pandemic restrictions are all over with so she can work more in the studio with everyone which she didn't really get to do with her past 2 albums
  8. i've always leaned more towards lana's more poetic and sentimental songs but i've always loved her fun songs too especially when they're still big storytelling songs. that said, even tho i'm most excited for songs like fingertips and kintsugi and grandfather please stand on the shoulders of my father while he's deep-sea fishing, i'm also really looking forward to songs like fishtail & peppers (and especially taco truck since venice bitch is one of my fave lana songs evwr). overall i'm looking forward to hearing everything on thw album. i've enjoyed all the songs released so far and there's nothing i'm dreading listening to. i'm even looking forward to the interludes (i bet they're gonna be such a mood!) i don't know if this will be my favourite lana album, that's kind of hard to judge at this point plus i love all her albums so much i have a hard time ranking them and it changes from day to day, but i'm sure i'll be listening to this record nonstop for at least the next 3 months
  9. its obviously fine not to enjoy music about family, we all like different things but i find it highly misogynistic to consider it "lazy" for women to write about family. its like when people say women are "wasting their potential" by getting married and having kids as if women are expected to deny their biological urge to raise a family just because we have more options in the modern world. men and younger women might not understand or relate to music women 30+ write about their families but it doesn't make it lazy or as if they're not trying. women in this age range just often change their priorities.
  10. "its a beautiful life remember that too for me" is one of those soft reassuring lines like "don't worry baby" in love or "its never too late baby so don't give up" in chemtrails over the country ckub that brings a tear to my eyes as if lana's leaning on my back saying "come on baby you can thrive"
  11. imagine her having the backup singers for hwr whole setlist tho. it would be heaven. like when she did that pre-recorded live performance of "let me love you like a woman" with them. even if she had the same unchanged setlist she always has, it would add something different and exciting to the mix
  12. maybe the surprise is there is no surprise... i mean look how surprised we all were! job well done boz
  13. you're a family man but... but... do you think about heaven? do you think about me?
  14. ok be as rude as you want! is that what you want me to say? i don't care! you seem very adamant about your right to be a jerk so just do it and stop caring that some of us don't approve of that kind of behaviour
  15. actually this is what i'm talking about as what not to do. we should be civil and respectful even about things we don't like. i know this is the internet so its asking a lot for people to be respectful but we should at least try. if someone is calling something a piece of ****, they know they're being rude. there are kinder ways of saying you don't like something. i find it especially disingenuous when people say blatantly rude things about lana or her songs or fans who like those songs then act surprised when thwy get pushback. but i know people will be rude to each other regardless of what i say so i'm just gonna leave it at that and just hope we can all learn to be nice and understanding of each other.
  16. why don't we all agree that we all like different aspects of lana's music and that we don't have to all like the same things. some of us like her upbeat songs, some her slow songs. some like her long songs, others her short songs. some like her deep songs, some like her fun songs. some prefer her new music, some her old. and then some of us like all her music and some of us hate all her music. but its important we don't insult each other over different preferences or insult lana or the music. we can be civilized with our differing opinions. no "snoozefest" this, no "locals" that. at the end of the day, we're all lana fans and lana's gonna make whateverkind of music she wanta regardless of what any of us want from her.
  17. the album is coming out next week and you'll be able to listen to the upbeat songs as much as you want. if lana wanted us listening to an upbeat song today, she'd release one. we just need some patience. and i don't think she's too concerned about gaining new fans by releasing a song that doesn't represent her album sonically, thus leaving them disappointed with the album as a whole. i think she's at a "take me as i am or leave me" point in her career
  18. it doesn't matter what anyone thinks is or isn't a good single choice. the aongs lana releases as singles aren't the ones she thinks will top the charts or bring in flocks of new fans. she releases the songs she wants to be known for by the general public. the people who don't listen to her albums will only know the songs she releases as singles so she seems most focused on the songs that will show off her writing skills and values and even the energy she wanta to put out into the world. like i love taylor swift but i find it disappointing that she usually releases the songs that will become major earworms as singles bc yeah she tops the charts and everyone gets her songs stuck in their heads but so many people don't know how great of a songwriter she is bc she doesn't release those types of songs as singles. but then lana releases stuff like hope is a dangerous thing for a woman like me to have but i have it as singles despite songs like that clearly not being designed to top charts or bring in new fans. so the grants will be a good single choice in the way that it will be the type of song that lana wants to be known for and that's why she's releasing it as a single
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