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  1. wilting daisy

    Taylor Swift

    i almost wanted to wait for the pink but its the worst one so i'm glad i didn't. i'm so glad i got the yellow when it was up bc i think its the best. now that we've seen all the covers, i hope evwryone is happy with whatever one they got.
  2. were we in the same tunnel pre-release thread? bc the one i was in everyone was constantly dragging banisters and saying thwy don't even count it as one of her albums bc its "so bad". and of course also a bunch of people blaming jack for how the album turned out despite him not even being apart it lol. the only time there were more than a small minority of people on here defending banisters was in the first couple days after it was released.
  3. i'll admit this would be a fun album and i'd probably love it and defend it tooth & nail, but it would also get kinda boring pretty fast. the best albums need a bit of mystique and poeticism to them. somwthing that takes a few listens to even grasp. like when i make unreleased collections, the ones of just fun upbeat songs go hard but aren't as fulfilling as the ones full of weird, raw & chaotic songs. and like every actual lana album including btd have stuff that are a little off beat and strange that take some time to fully understand and vibe with and that's what i love.
  4. she clearly means it in a way that's different than what her fans say. being inspired by her boyfriends when creating the world of her music as in the themes and stories is different than saying whatever genre she's doing is because its whatever her boyfriend likes. you have to willfully misunderstand what she's saying to think this backs up what the othwr person posted.
  5. i hate when fans imply that whatevwr lana is doing musically is tied to whoevwr she's dating as if she doesn't have any thoughts or interests of her own. every music style she's done is influenced by a variety of music she's loved for years.
  6. if you hate when lana does something (in her own time) that's too lana, do you even like her? the reason its the perfect song for her to sing is bc its so perfectly lana. this is the kind of thing lana was talking about in the question for thw culture. just let her being unapologetically herself!! she shouldn't have to change who she is just for wveryone's aproval. sorry that lana isn't going to bars with her friends to perform a song that she doesn't relate to just to impress people who don't know her and aren't there with her.
  7. wilting daisy

    Taylor Swift

    this reminds me of a tweet i saw awhile back that said lana is for the catholic girlies and taylor is for the protestant girlies and it made me realize that most of the catholic women i know who like both really do prefer lana and most of the protestant girls i know who like both really do prefer taylor
  8. wilting daisy

    Taylor Swift

    i like all to well but i don't really care for the 10 minute version. it changes the narrative and mood of the song and messes with the flow and the emotional build up is nonexistent. i also don't believe the 10 minute version was fully formed as it is now back in 2012. we know there was a 10 minute jam session and we know she had lots of ideas that liz rose helped her edit down into a proper song and we know her diaries had some extra lyrics that would realistically be in the 10 minute version if it was fully formed back then but they're not. i feel like she knew she had to put together an extended version to make fans happy but all the lyrics she added felt like looking back at the relationship years later and seeing it clearer from a distance instead of the raw emotions of something that just ended. but imo the original all to well is perfect and i love it. idk if i would call it her best song, she has a lot of songs that could potentially be "the best song". and yeah i guess its kind of overrated now but i feel like the 10 minute version is especially overrated and fans act like it elevates the whole song when it doesnt and i feel like before taylor did red tv, the original all to well wasn't overrated yet. yeah lots of people thought it was her best but they were open to other opinions whereas now they all act like it's objectively her best song and we can't argue that. i also agree with you about evermore being her best album. after that i'd say red (the original, not tv). reputation could be up there too if it had different production bc the writing itself is top tier but the production drags it down.
  9. yes! this is kinda what i meant when i said laura nyro vibes the othwr day. like if she kept her poetic confessional songwriting but paired it with girl group style melodies and harmonies but also with some of her eccentricities added on top
  10. probably not this round bc i really do feel like we're getting like avante garde country jazz or something along those lines but in the future i wouldn't mind something with laura nyro vibes from lana. kinda upbeat eccentric piano led tracks with multi-tracked vocals and brill building style melodies. i feel like lana's music is already fairly laura nyro adjacent but something more explicitly inspired by her would be fun.
  11. debating getting the lime repress bc i don't have that one but i do already have the pink one so its not really necessary and i already hate myself for having 3 copies of violet, chemtrails, bainsters, & tunnel bc i'm only supposed to have 2 of each album. i'll probably get it tho bc i have no self control.
  12. wilting daisy

    Taylor Swift

    no i agree that its good she's shedding light on this issue and hopefully it does change things for smaller artists. its like with her streaming boycott, it didn't matter how much money she made from streams but it did help smaller artists who were losing money when streaming took over. and i might be pessimistic but i feel like this time its actually leas likely for things to change for the better from this. i feel like labels are gonna make stricter contracta now that prevent rerecordings altogether and anyone who wants to get signed will have to deal with being screwed over. what taylor really needs to do is start her own label and sign new acts and give them contracta that actually benefit them.
  13. wilting daisy

    Taylor Swift

    but since she wrote the songs, she still does make money from them. this isn't like popstars from the 60s who didn't write their songs and often made no money at all from their music. like yeah she deserves to own her masters and get all the royalties but its not like she's not getting paid at all. and i'm a big swiftie too so i'm not just trying to drag taylor or anything. i just hate that people act like she makes no money off her old music. i also hate when people refer to those albums as "stolen" but that's a whole other story. taylor's lucky tho that she has such a fiercely loyal fanbase who are largely willing to boycott her original albums and switch to the newer inferior recordings bc most artists would probably lose even more money from this rerecording endeavour.
  14. when lana reworks trash magic for ldr10
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