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  1. but that's literally what lana wanted.... and she seems quite happy with the result. are you saying she shouldn't be allowed creative control over her art bc she makes her songs "stripped down and boring"? this is less about jack and more about lana's artistic direction. is there a different producer you think would've reworked it better without going against lana's artistic vision for it?
  2. yeah because lana told him to obviously? its not like he maliciously took the song and made lana change thw lyrics and tone the instrumental down. its not the first time the final version of one of her songs is drastically different from the demo. who are we gonna blame for changing beautiful people beautiful problems? rick nowels?
  3. after hearing the new song, i wouldn't mind if lana and her dad did a whole album together.
  4. what are you talking about? amongst lana fans, its just gotten to the point where we're finally allowed to love nfr without being accused of being a new fan or only liking things that are critically acclaimed.
  5. what kind of turntable do you have? if you have one of those cheap suitcase style ones with the speakers inside, songs with heavy bass or abrupt volume changes will skip bc the speakers will cause the record to vibrate. also the stylus is too clunky and the tonearm is too free and tracks too heavy for the fine grooves of higher quality pressings so those will skip too. like idk if you ended up getting the uv deluxe but if you have one of those suitcase turntables, you'd be better off getting the standard bc the deluxe will skip.
  6. my first listen i thought the new version was a bit awkward despite loving hearing lana more probably bc i'm so used to the other version lol but after a couple listens i can say i really do like this version better. the second verse was given more of a mellow lana vibe for her which was nice and the tempo change makes the song more interesting and i was pleasantly surprised to here her more on the second chorus and to hear her closing out the song. its a shame this version will only be on streaming tho. taylor should release a till the dawn edition vinyl so we can finally have all the 3am tracks plus this new version of snow on the beach on vinyl
  7. don't worry just wait another half year and we'll probably get snow on the beach (feat. more more lana del rey) (20 minute ambient poetry version)
  8. maybe if we stream say yes to heaven enough lana will know there's a big demand for her unreleased songs, especially versions we don't already have. i feel like if we really put our minds to it and pray and stream this song we can make an unreleased collection happen. while we're at it, lets go listen to fine china and i talk to jesus on youtube and show her team what we want! i know i'm being delusional but i really think we can will this into existence
  9. the sped up version is like when you accidentally put the needle down at 45rpm instead of 33rpm
  10. i mean its a different version than what went viral and they waited til after thw tiktok hype around the song died down so its not that desperate. i've already seen fans complain that this version of thw song is "too slow" and "too boring" and "has no drums" and that thwy're gonna continue to listen to the leaked versions so while it might boost her streams a bit, it won't be as much it could've if she was really desperate. if she was really desperate, she would've released a leaked version untouched and would've done it a couple months ago.
  11. so since this really is a new version, do we think its like a recently rerecorded version or just an unleaked version that they just registwred and released now? do we think there's a possibility she could rerecord more unreleased songs if this one does well or do we think its just a one off thing bc of how popular it is and how special it is to her? i'm just continuously fascinated by this song actually getting a release.
  12. the one scene right before the first chorus where she's walking down the stairs gives me strong sunset boulevard vibes. i wonder if it was intentional (it probably was)
  13. so the local record store here had a copy of that unofficial blue vinyl variant of paradise so even tho lots of people advised me not to get it bc "unofficial vinyls sound terrible" (which is only true half the time) i bought it and i was surprised to find out that it actually sounds way better than the official paradise vinyl! body electric isn't ridiculously quiet and blue velvet isn't ridiculously loud and i actually hear a lot more subtleties in the production and there's absolutely no surface noise. the cover is a tad out of focus but you can only tell if you're really close. the cover does seem slightly brighter tho and the back cover is a lot lighter than the back cover of the official vinyl and its very pretty. the inner sleeve is a picture sleeve which was a nice surprise but the inages on it are super blurry so its not that special. but overall, i'm happy with it. its nice having a coloured variant of paradise and the sound really is good. i wonder if they come from the same maker as the white lana del ray vinyls bc those sound very good too.
  14. after marilyn, who is it she's channeling? rita hayworth?
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