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  1. I'm really curious about sweet. I think we don't know much other than "it's the love song of the album" (and what does this even mean??) Correct me if i'm wrong
  2. I have this feeling. Exactly this😭 I'm beyond words. The song was not even near what I expected. It was like a thousand times better. I'm so happy😭😭
  3. Ik it's not really a trustworthy but I found this on twitter and I'm curious if it's true
  4. crying screaming throwing up😭😭😭😭😭
  5. this song is so weird, in a good way. it sounds almost psychedelic. truly unique love it<3
  6. her makeup looks BOMB in her last insta story, i'm obsessed
  7. your china doll


    Måneskin covered Blue Jeans, December 2, 2022, Manhattan "We are in New York and this city has been the birthplace1 of some of the biggest artists in music history. But there's one in particular that we wanna homage tonight, 'cause she made possible to make masterpieces in 2000's. So, thank you Lana! This is blue jeans!" (1english is not my first language so I couldn't understand the word that Damiano said. Instead I used birthplace) link to their performance here
  8. As for why they didn't make the profile private when hundreds of people started following and panicked or why honeymoon is not verified, it's because you CAN'T be verified on insta AND have a private profile lol
  9. You can enjoy BB as an album, but you have to accept that it's not an objectively good album
  10. Paris Texas was for a long time my favorite movie, I hope it's actually on the album
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