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  1. I remember that to and now to use a quote from the star wars saga ,"i have a bad feeling about this " sorry if my movie quotes are getting annoying but that's the only way I can express my thoughts on the situation , I'm still hoping everything will be fine
  2. to quote Ian Malcolm from Jurassic park and in my best Jeff Goldblum voice " I'm fairly alarmed here " but I just hope what has happened regarding her insta and twitter account will all be ok in the end , and I hope Lana is ok to
  3. I agree that it would be cool if she wrote a poem book and I can see her doing that , I would definitely buy it
  4. Yes I believe so, but I doubt I'll go , as much as I love Lana I never go all over the country for someone , one concert at one venue and city is enough for me, plus the tix and the travel cost me money
  5. I can't find the words to describe how I feel about Lana's uk management saying they don't care , but that really doesn't make Lana look good . And I'll say it again , you didn't deserved to have that happen to you despite the time that you qued .
  6. This would be nice , the most likely lines that I can imagine Lana doing are a make up range (imagine seeing a lana range in your local store ) a perfume or vintage clothing line , in terms of promotion , I can imagine Lana doing some launches , in the uk I can see her doing one at Harrod's . But I do agree with Coney Island King that Lana isn't bothered , but again I would like to see Lana do her own line , but at the end of the day it's up to Lana
  7. well at the brixton academy show she said it hopefully won't be five years until she comes back, so that could mean Glasgow .
  8. I'm glad I wasn't the only one who was extremely unhappy about the 02 priority que situation . I got there at 2:30 pm and I was lucky that I was second row , but I'm still annoyed about the 02 people being let in first , and howiet1971 I'm so sorry to hear that despite the fact that you qued up an hour before me, you ended up tenth row, you didn't deserve that , and once I'm again I feel so sorry for you , I will gladly sign that pettion of yours
  9. Guys does anyone know what time she left the venue ? I waited with a bunch of other fans after the show until midnight but I left because I didn't want to miss my tube
  10. Lana posted on her instagram that she was signing some cd's , I guess that's what Sexwithme was referring to ?
  11. I've seen them be like that before when she comes down to meet the crowd, can't they understand that Lana genuinely wants to do that ?
  12. sorry guys I posted my reply before I saw the reply about a stream, the quality isn't very good though
  13. That's a shame that there is no live stream , I was really looking forward to it , if there is any other way to view a stream please post here
  14. (in my best Austin powers voice ) Oh good then it's not just me , the one time I finally get a notification that Lana is live on Instagram and then it doesn't work , so close yet so far
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