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    lets pray that this producer has a very weak google drive.. wow
  2. all i want from her right now is for her to just post a video singing some of her songs in her living room.. like the bar is so low. im just sick of the radio silence
  3. im anticipating this song like crazy.. please post a release date kim
  4. aespa mini... its time for a full!
  5. it looks like sex is very close to leaking, the group buy has been completed!
  6. soap2day and fmovies is how im watching!! they have the episodes usually every friday as well as the untuckeds
  7. that may have been the best episode of the season yet.. anetra, luxx, and sasha had me gasping during their lipsyncs. it was so fun!! im sure those girls were exhausted by the end of the episode though
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    the file tags..
  9. okay leakfest.. yay
  10. this story has had me so depressed for the past few days, rest in peace angel.
  11. after we ride is a classic in my book and while i am not shocked that it didn't perform great, i definitely think that it deserved the success of chi mat ba ram. the music video is one of their best imo
  12. those were my girls though and im side eyeing yall in the likes too
  13. see now im salty that you made this amazing concept cuz it means that it wouldn't be used officially, at least not without giving credit! this is really an amazing cover and further proves how good of a photoshoot this was.
  14. .. pray for those girls!
  15. brave girls disbandment ...9/11
  16. cannot stop listening to this song... it just feels so right! it was worth every hour of the wait
  17. ?????????????????????????????????????
  18. im glad we haven't had any huge leaks yet but im getting a little bit annoyed by all the insider "spills". i know some of us are getting bored and want more information but like could you imagine if we heard this song without the prior knowledge of the switchup and how shocked we would be
  19. this song has such an weird a.k.a. feeling to it, but in a way that it feels updated and fresh. never would i imagine i would hear lines like "shimmy shimmy ko ko bop jimmy jimmy ride" from lana in 2023 but im obsessed.
  20. jinsouldilf

    65th GRAMMY Awards

    sky ferreira was robbed!!
  21. jinsouldilf


    i just know ur gonna have the time of ur life like...HAPPY ENDING!!
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