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  1. im from England, but I put LA cause im a liar x but if its midnight in America I assume 5-6am for us
  2. this album so far (I've listened to no leaks), from the 3 released songs that we have, gives me major hope that this is gonna be in my top 3 albums
  3. why do people listen to leaks? like... especially when we don't have long to the release.. and when she specifically asked us not too listen to the album leaks
  4. so here's a list of things that could happen: -the album comes early (unlikely but lets feed into the delusions) -a tv appearance (hopefully snl, that would be iconic like a revenge act) - a music video -a single (not very likely since AW didn't come out that long ago plus its so close to the album release date) -deluxe version (not gonna happen I just saw it on twitter) -anoucing the tour (Not so soon im broke bb)
  5. in a serious note, I def think that the surprise is some sort of visuals
  6. I want a music video what's 10 minutes long that tells a story.. and doesnt open up with lana on a John deer again.. (although that was iconic)
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