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  1. sorry but the way she was deleting/archiving her posts but then got tired bc she has like 300 posts and decided to just deactivate is so funny
  2. For the last time.... Did you know that there's a ROSEMEAD EXCLUSIVE BABY under ocean blvd
  3. This version of fingertips is like .... yk how one draws a line with a black marker to hide something.... this is just like that except they used a highlighter here
  4. its almost here you guys .... we went from months to weeks to days to just HOURS now will miss being crazy with yall
  5. So I am not really familiar with Judah Smith but I finally did some looking up and .... I really hope he has changed because no matter what creative intention is behind the interlude, I will never be able to get myself to listen to it after reading what he's said
  6. Kintsugi has grown on me a lot, it's almost perfect except Also is it just me or most of the song sounds like
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