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  1. so...when do they do Lana's category?
  2. they said the video of the year is being awarded next. doesn't this mean thats the end of the show??
  3. trueee - the first half would be a welcome moment of stillness in this chaotic show
  4. which song from OB would be the biggest hit on this stage tonight? based on the other performances of the night id probably say peppers BUT I would love to see her perform The Grants
  5. no idea who this country gal is but at least it feels like a real live performance
  6. 1. make the show 90mins 2. have 3-5 high budget, spectacular live performances from the nominees 3. have a reaction feed to the celebrities in the audience in the bottom corner of the screen 4. give the hosts some form of basic, entry-level media training 5. put sponsor logos on screen and on set so you can reduce the ad-reels 6. include people we've heard of before
  7. feel sorry for zoomers who will never know the cultural significance that these types of shows once had
  8. she probably didn't win it and thats why she didn't show up. wouldn't be surprised if the artists learn beforehand tbh, these shows are more about PR campaigns and promo than anything else
  9. ok im out. I can't watch this any longer.
  10. First time back here since DYKTTATUOB dropped. Soz I’ve been in the tunnel listening this whole time. why is everyone fighting 😭 who wants to give me a rundown of what we know about the next one? Do we know anything? I hope Jack is doing it, don’t @ me. My biggest hope is that she continues going down this weird and alternative route of A&W (ok I love the second half but the first half is easily in her top 5 songs of all time) and stunning wordy epics like fingertips. My only slight criticism of the last album (which I consider her best) is that it felt a little fractured with the different genres, and I’d have loved if there was something that tied the Peppers and the Sweet’s together a bit more. I have faith she’s going to continue to improve and don’t ultimately care what direction she takes her next project because I’ll rearrange my personality / taste to like it, idfc, she’s worth it xx
  11. oh its rob promo if only rob played piano on some of the Ocean Blvd tracks, we'd have the deluxe promo edition with 64 cover variants and visual album directed by Gaspar Noé by now
  12. ok what's going on with the insta story. is this the music video???
  13. Happy to announce that after weeks of trying, I've gaslit myself into loving Fishtail. Also I'm cbf going back through all the pages; what's everyone's take on rust dress? New album releasing Friday? Ok I'm on board, let's do this.
  14. Do we think the boob variant will be released in CD format? (like all the others) I want
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