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  1. Tickets for Paris secured! Who else is going ?
  2. Anyone knows if the vip view is in front of the scene?
  3. Just had a response from yourcelebritymagazines (i ordered it from this site) and they did confirm there is only one cover, the one where she is standing. The other one is the digital cover.
  4. Can’t wait to put Winston back in the fridge
  5. It's my first time going to Hyde Park, how does it work for our mobile tickets ? I don't have to print anything to be sure? Sorry if this had been answered Your chosen delivery method is: Mobile ID via the BST Hyde Park festival app Your tickets are being handled by the Venue or Event and cannot be viewed in your Ticketmaster Account. You will be sent details of how to access your tickets by email, no later than 5 days before the event
  6. I am 1 hour away from Paris by train but I won’t be back from London to see her at Hyde Park
  7. I did, not intentionally though, but it was 3 different packages (one with the lighter, one with the jacket and one with the pill case and whistle) Since Brexit it is really expensive to have orders coming from uk. For example it's the same thing on website like vestiaire collective, when the vendor is from uk they add a very big tax on your order. This is why i'm sad they won't put merch on other euro shops...
  8. I paid 66 at checkout already and 62 for extra vat. , i wrote 120 above because i did the addition i don't know why! I live in France, here's what I paid for each order Order No. 1 VAT 6,48€, Shipping 5,89€, VAT in France: 15€ Order No. 1 VAT 9,72€, Shipping 8,25€, VAT in France: 22€ Order No. 1 VAT 21,36€, Shipping 14,15€ VAT in France: 25€ You're right I will do that next time... Since people said they did this and the store cancelled the wrong orders with sold out items i was too afraid to do so
  9. exactly. I won't "offer" 65 euros when I already did pay 120.
  10. Yes it is. Doing this much of different merch drop is solvable when the only european shop having the merchandises is the one that cost too much to other countries because of brexit. I pay less taxes when I got packages from US. I knew it would cost me when I did my order, I accepted to pay 20/30€ per order only for taxes. But having to pay that twice is not acceptable. Having to "insist" to have the double vat refund is definitely not ok. If it is stated that you paid for something you don't have to pay for it twice. Also for example they could have dropped the alternate cover on the same day in french and uk store.
  11. Just sent a salty email to the uk shop. Had to pay extra 65€ for my 3 packages. Also (even if they don't care) I added to my message that it was not ok to drop so many merch only on the uk store and let people pay for delivery (when it's not even tracked) vat (not cheap) and have the surprise to pay another vat. The clownery... I know they hopefully will do a refund but I think I won't purchase again. I also bought the titties cover on the uk store, same for Rob + Lana vinyls (US store) only to find that they did put that on french stores later... This is no news but this chaotic mess is costing too much money. BEN DO SOMETHING PLEASE
  12. Golden and diamond section get you a nice view! (check on youtube or tiktok) However I would like to go at the front so if some of you in diamond would like to meet up there and keep each other's places it would be cool
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