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  1. I know I meant online cause Target isn’t available in my country
  2. Wait since we won’t be getting the red honeymoon anytime soon does anyone know if there is still the red born to die repress left?
  3. So she’ll either put them up for sale next year or on a some random ass day in a few months/weeks
  4. This is nasty… I swear if they move Ocean Blvd to pop this year… like it’s clearly an alt album
  5. Wait I didn’t know CN vinyl was delayed, there is hope for nfr and hm then ig
  6. Any news about the honeymoon repress at least @hotshot2am i know i’m boring you
  7. I personally think that the artists mentioned above are more for rock categories than alternative ones and when it comes to Boygenius even with the predictions and odds online I think Ocean Blvd has a much better chance getting that win since a lot of grammy leaning artists such as JB or Jack are on it and tbh Ocean Blvd is a superior album, nonetheless the thing that will determine if she wins or not is if the committee decides to move the album from alternative to the pop vocal category or Lana and her team completely ignore the alternative category. It will be interesting to see the outcome tho since the grammies are always unpredictable.
  8. Everybody go STREAM Candy Necklace and let’s watch the MV atleast once, CN deserves to have it’s day finally
  9. If it doesn’t come on the 18th we’ll get it for the anniversary next year I think
  10. I’m still hoping @hotshot2am comes with some wonderful news these days
  11. Sooo, we definitely aren’t getting this one anymore
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