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  1. He literally said that?? I thought Kintsugi would slap, and still hope it does!
  2. Who would whine about a sample that is on its own beautiful and for sure will be great on the song no matter how interpreted???
  3. Been listening to RIOPY's piano song for a whole week now, it's a masterpiece!! Can't wait to see how Lana did it justice!
  4. Does anyone know by chance what font is used for the tunnel under ocean blvd album cover?
  5. This era so far is giving everything and nothing at the same time, in terms of promotion lmao
  6. Ok so my grandmother knows this girl that is an insider and she told her everything vulgar has said is fake and that this is her best album to date
  7. My thoughts are, that the next Friday would be a perfect date for the single and a MV (it presumably being A&W), with additional promotion done until it's out - like it's announcement, boxset being available, singed CDs, OceanBlvd account content uploads etc. and even a snippet of some sorts. Then after that she does some promo in terms of interviews, photoshoots like the billboard ones and the rumoured live performance on the late night shows. And she would have enough time to promote the single after it's release and the album's release in March almost 2 whole months with a new single with a MV dropping on the release date of the album, like White Dress did with Chemtrails. After the relase there could be a tour announcement and then later on one more single with a MV before the tour, that would come most like at the end of 2023 or spring 2024. I wish something like this happens, but us Lana fans can only dream I guess
  8. Not me casually going to a 10+ hours sleep, while the best info is being spilled here
  9. An american country single known for releasing long ass albums that stay in the first place on bb200 for weeks even months
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