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  1. i'm your vulgar dahhhling in the swimmin pool the amount of nostalgia i have for this track being one of my first unreleased, truly iconic
  2. lana was so correct when she said this was her fave off violet
  3. Yayo - 8 Ride - 11 West Coast - 10 (-) The Blackest Day - 8 Venice Bitch - 7 (+) White Dress - 7
  4. oh god i'm also struggling with the E songs Greenwich Acid Roll With Me (On The Radio) Every Man Gets His Wish Elvis Noir Wayamaya Is It Wrong? Come When You Call Me A.M.E.R.I.C.A. Hollywood Axl Rose Husband Catch And Release I Talk To Jesus Dance For Money Children Of The Bad Revolution Heavy Hitter E ... Raise Me Up (Mississippi South) Radio You Can Be The Boss Party Girl I Learned How To Make Love From The Movies E ...
  5. I'd love to get some Lizzy Grant iconography on me at some point, I'd just have to decide what to get a hibiscus growing out of a Coke bottle?
  6. "um, hello hollywood, you been lookin' real good" is a certified SICK line
  7. ideally we'd have one theme per album, so: AKA, BTD, UV, HM, LFL, NFR!, COCC, BB and as far as extras go, i'd probably add in a May Jailer theme, a Tropico theme (to make up for Paradise technically being an EP not an LP) and a VBBOTG theme - which we already have it's a lot, but i reckon many of us would be happy to help sis @Elle out
  8. I maintain that the Bad Romance demo is superior to the final version, as I have through the years
  9. it's not even on YT, so that's understandable speaking of CYB, Delicious is also a banger!! also also also, Breaking My Heart is THE anthem
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