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  1. ok wait I don't see anything on the Arcadia vid link someone screenshot her
  2. does QOTGS count bc I think it was either that or Yayo (or Kill Kill honestly idfk)
  3. iirc she changed from Del Ray to Del Rey right around the time she was done recording AKA in 2008?
  4. it would be - if leakers actually leaked anything, such that there was a risk to discuss in the first place lmao jokes aside, I do feel that the issue of leaked material isn't necessarily as complicated as one could make it: songs that never saw release, and have been sitting in a vault for years - those are fair game to me, even if Lana pulls a BB and puts them on a record 10 years later (she has mentioned leaks making her feel uncomfortable in the past, but at the same time, I think her attitude has shifted since the earlier years of her career, considering she openly interacts with fans re: her unreleased stuff these days, and really only seems to express concern when an upcoming project is at risk of leaking, vs. someone asking her to sing wayamaya on tour in 2018 and her lying being like "yasssss i'll do it ") songs that are going to be released, or which we have good reason to believe might be included on a future record (since lana likes to withhold a track or two from each era just to put them on the next one), however are off-limits, not insofar as I personally won't listen to them, I will tbh, but these aren't leaks we should encourage or really talk about at all stuff like family photos, home videos and a whole fucking book being stolen, and subsequently lost forever, is on a whole other level - those are clearer cases of personal boundaries being violated, and something we as a community need to actively distance ourselves from
  5. it's not that deep, by any means, but it does illustrate something about her character that we were already familiar with, and is perhaps easier to discuss when it's low-stakes like this (vs. shitting on her aryan cop boyfriend or whatever the fuck) because it's an interesting subject, not because lana is in the wrong for anything
  6. we already know Lana is ignorant in the sense that she's very settled in her beliefs, to the point that she would probably defend a homophobe if their comments were vague enough for plausible deniability to be a thing i don't necessarily hold that against her, considering she's been open about struggling with her sense of identity in the past, and admitted to being very "adaptive" to everyone around her - but therein lies the problem, sis is a navel-gazer at the olympic level lmao it's fine to be philosophically minded, but there comes a point at which you've got to realize, you're being impractical out of principle, not because there's actually any curiosity there you choose not to read the writing on the wall, you know? it's not that you're looking in the other direction because "what if" lol, not every situation in life is like that
  7. not her wishing her fucking pastor a happy birthday organized religion is so wild
  8. whoever has it really needs to leak Crazy For You, look at us lmao
  9. do mason jars count or is that an edge case lmfao
  10. do we actually know if paul ressel made "wolf" for lana? my understanding was always that he'd uploaded the track to that music library first (i.e. where the demo instrumental came from), and then lana found it and sang over it, and the song was further developed from there into the final version granted, I don't remember where the demo version with vocals came from, if we got that before or after the instrumental was found...
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