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  1. s a m e i was deadass walking around at work today just whispering this to myself under my breath
  2. i'm getting paid on monday and buying the FUCK out of this masterpiece
  3. someone got paid to write this let's all sit with that for a while
  4. yup yup yup the puriteens would eat sis alive and like not without reason in many instances but that's a different topic lmao
  5. for real tho btd: lucky ones (i loooove the demo, but the version that ended up on the album is weirdly underproduced compared to all the other tracks) paradise: yayo (which, i'm sure getting to put it on the album was a #moment for lanz but nothing compares to the aka version) uv: the other woman (not the move) hm: don't let me be misunderstood (see above ) lfl: coachella and the demo version of the title track should've made the album nfr: how to disappear or cinnamon girl (i love both of these but they took the longest to grow on me, so) cocc: honestly the album as a whole tulsa jesus freak
  6. the lolita/guns & roses slander y'all are SICK
  7. i mean the thing about her potentially/probably changing labels and this being a "reset" (or i guess a reprimand at worst) makes more sense to me than any other reason do we know what the terms were/are for lana's contract with interscope by any chance? because if she was just gonna leave like that - i know sis is flaky, but it just does not align with what ben (?) said about her working on something _big_ unless that was just a general comment on his part and not something he shared for our sake necessarily, which tbh, i wouldn't be entirely surprised
  8. i meannnnnnn good for her? we've clearly not seen the last of her, she's just taking it offline (for now, she said, to be fair) and staying lowkey, which i'm all for if that makes her happy & lets her focus on her (other) work but i'm also HELLA confused about, what this means in terms of her career and what we'll get to see of it, and how we'll get to see it if she's still going to be making art for public consumption (which seems to be her intention, despite everything) being on hiatus is one thing, going radio silent is another completely it's like, are we gonna witness the resurgence of her dozens of burner accounts, or is this actually it until, whenever WHY IS THIS STRESSING ME OUT LMAO JESUS CHRIST
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