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  1. Hoping LDR10 is full of Grandfathers and Zach Dawes is one of the main producers
  2. Ik everyone here already gave up on the music videos/visuals but I still have a feeling something is coming in the 24th other than the album
  3. y'all are still talking about the surprise? it was obviously just the global listening party she's not releasing serial killer or smth
  4. This hairstyle is so beautiful probably my favorite together with the Honeymoon bangs Also, what year is the trampoline photo from? I'm assuming 2021
  5. not sure if i can ask this but mod note: user was warned do not ask where to find leaks in any capacity. it is still against site rules
  6. 8. Kintsugi 9. Fingertips 10. Paris, Texas 11. Grandfather 12. Let The Light In 13. Margaret 14. Fishtail 15. Peppers 16. Taco Truck x VB Best track run ever
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