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  1. Shes never been so expressive and passionate in a performance before imo
  2. After awhile I started giggling so hard bc it was just so strange LOL
  3. God I get so mad hearing the people sing with their ugly ahh voices I’m sorry
  4. I wish I knew how to astral project and have my spirit just fuckin chill onstage
  5. Hm none of the streams are working for me. Annoying.
  6. I like that SO much more. The “fucking”throws me off because it just sounds like she’s attempting to be edgy in a very fairytail whimsical song, I don’t think it fits
  7. I cringe at the line “weird but fucking beautiful” like I genuinely HATE that i just can’t get into this song but it does have a really sweet melody
  8. I know she was an older woman but it still feels surreal. All the great legends are nearly gone. Really fucking sad I’m glad she’s at peace now.
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