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  1. omg i forgot this video existed was obsessed with fan made music videos for cry baby in 2015
  2. lana i cannot see all of this and watch you not go on tour. dates when
  3. babetteateoatmeal

    Taylor Swift

    it'll probably be the new hits different. she will release it on streaming when she releases midnights (afternoon edition) 2 months from now with a new unheard song
  4. girl i would just buy a blue jacket and sew a name patch on that shit is $100
  5. that ai comment is so surreal.. the world is changing and i do not like it
  6. babetteateoatmeal

    Taylor Swift

    i think she may have cheated too, which is pretty sad considering how great their relationship seemed. i feel pretty bad for joe because he seemed like a really cool guy.. but then again everything was so private that i guess it's not fair to judge yet. but will i be streaming sntv? absolutely
  7. babetteateoatmeal

    Taylor Swift

    how are y'all feeling about the healy business saw a thread today full of people starting to turn on taylor, its looking very messy
  8. some of y'all perplex me
  9. babetteateoatmeal

    Taylor Swift

    if hayley williams can perform misery business again then taylor better re-record better than revenge right
  10. really love the btd cover so maybe I'll just buy a custom vinyl cover to put my target pressing in much less than $100
  11. you're absolutely right, these performances are gorgeous. the only part i have a hard time getting in to is the "one for the moneyyyy AHHH TWO FOR THE SHOW AHHHHHHH" cuz it just feels like yelling to me, and it's the part i see fans praise most. i do love the rest of the song live though
  12. i genuinely can't tell if people are kidding or not when they say the old performances of million dollar man are good. they're very uncomfortable to watch because it just seems like she's trying too much. love the studio version but i can't do the live versions
  13. i love doja's fit and concept but it could've done without the whoville makeup
  14. relistened to bombs on monday today this is definitely one of her best written songs and it should've been released
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