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  1. The way it’s mixed is so pitched. Some mixes do better in my opinion. the way that I’m starting to see SLOWED mixes… JAIL!
  2. so true bestie I think the same every time I go to her discography
  3. Kali mentioning she’s considered changing her stage name as well (probably to her name)
  4. lanitataco


    Maybe using theme was wrong. But I agree
  5. Does social media streams count towards anything? Royalties? I can see it doing well if TikTok girls actually use the sound and not an uploaded one. if they don’t count, seems like a miss opportunity. Assuming the songs are licensed or sumn
  6. The only reason this got released. It’ll do good.
  7. lanitataco


    Thought Love Only had Florence on it Both are just “mad”/“venting” albums about their lives. They’re both saying a lot without saying a lot … if that make sense.
  8. What happened to it being under Lizzie Grant … Kinda thought she was going to release it under another name because thought she said she didn’t want to be associated with pre-LDR (maybe she never said this) kinda thought the new name meant new unreleased album im kinda outta luck.
  9. lanitataco


    It feels like her reputation era (not sound just feelings/theme)
  10. Yes rich production makes more sense than saying overproduction, but what would you consider raw and personal in terms of production? The raw voice and production, with her being herself, makes the music raw and personal to me.
  11. Who would she be trying to impress her with this? Interesting you think it’s her being pretentious, because I took those as being more “raw” and “personal”. Wbk she’s over making overproduced music and she’s said she only did that to get attention in the industry.
  12. I kinda assumed the person recording the BTS was chuck sksksmfnfnf
  13. She could also be standing and singing it on a WW tour but
  14. Rockefeller was one of the richest in American history. He also was portrayed as a villain for some shit he did, so makes sense in the song with how she gets uncomfortable throughout.
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