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  1. I'm going! It looks like the weather will be bad all day. Does anyone know if the GA line will be indoors or under a covering?
  2. futuretro


    HBTB + Tropico
  3. can someone pls tell me who "Robert" is????
  4. gucci is doing great things rn, I need a sugar daddy so I can get this bag
  5. it's gucci https://www.gucci.com/it/it/lo/runway/women/spring-summer-2016-runway/look-69-p-SS16_FSWLook69EU
  6. I hate all her pics of Lana, a lot of her other shots are nice though
  7. HOW can we get Lana to sing at his Memorial Concert?
  8. I think this is my favorite song of hers ETA: I had an instrumental version play during my wedding ceremony, as well as Bel Air for walking down the aisle and a few more
  9. "Zach is a smart, loving person who unfortunately began using drugs that changed his personality, and led him to make poor decisions he wouldn't otherwise make. Our family tried to offer help, but our efforts were unsuccessful. We were aware of his delusional belief that he was in a relationship with Lana Del Ray; however, we never thought it would come to this point. We were relieved to hear he was safe and in police custody. We love him, support him, and hope he finally gets the help he needs." ugh, parents
  10. I totally thought it was going to be the schizo guy
  11. John lays out basic tenants in the beginning, "write to your mama" is just a general reference for things a good person does. Not Mary or anyone specific
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