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  1. Maybe this are the variants that were in the PoP Up event????
  2. Do you guys know the reason of the restock?
  3. En general b Who knows if Lana will arrive here?
  4. Who know if Lana is still in San Francisco???
  5. Will she ever restock the born to die picture disc (rsd)????????????
  6. hello babes, me and some friends want to receive lana in the Mexico City Airport but we don't know the most basic information on how we can know when and where she'll arrive, there are two airpots in Mexico City so if anybody here have donde this before, a few advices are welcome also if anybody is going to wait her on the san Francisco Airport (after the show) that can provide us information in real time, will help a lot
  7. thank you so much, one thing I know is that in this litho is easy to know if it's a scam because the picture is not available in high quality on the internet but I do see there're some that have the back sticker different
  8. babe do you have a pic of the back part, just for me to see the sticker???
  9. hello guys, can someone help me with something, someone is selling me the NFR signed litho's but the thing is that idk if the sticker in the back was different in some of the lithos like this
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