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  1. My Problematique tracklist is FLAWLESS Future Starts Now Revelations Confessions All She Wants Problematique Love Ya Leave Ya Born Again Coconuts Hit It From The Back Sex Talk Treat Me Like a Hoe Je T’Adore Something About You Dirty Things Deeper Keep It (I’m guessing) Your Turn To Cry Left My Body
  2. Feed The Beast 2:30
 Alone 3:05
 King of Hearts 2:51
 Thousand Pieces 2:23
 Uh Oh 2:50
 Revelations 2:50
 BAIT 2:35
 Sex Talk 2:35
 Hit it from the Back 2:28
 Claws 3:13
 Minute 3:05
 Coconuts 2:48
 Castle In The Sky 2:25
 Brrr 2:32 Unholy 
  3. An insider said a few weeks back a few things that now have been confirmed now that the tracklist has been revealed, which now means that Problematique is probably coming too.
  4. There was no final number ordered tracklist, but a couple of the insiders from ATRL (and here I think?) confirmed the final tracks were the following: Future Starts Now Coconuts Hit It From The Back All She Wants (feat. Paris Hilton) Born Again Je T'adore Your Turn To Cry Revelations Problématique Left My Body Confession Deeper Love Ya Leave Ya Treat Me Like A Hoe Something About You Sex Talk Dirty Things Keep It
  5. Dirty Things is from the last known tracklist of Problematique! Dirty Things and Treat Me Like a Hoe replaced Throat Goat and Treate Me Like a Slut. We just need Keep It to complete the album as it was last intended.
  6. I’m sorry to disappoint but these images are clearly AI generated. They’re trolling. Besides from the fact that some AI image generators have an issue blurring out hands, there is a post on dbree that states that they are AI generated.
  7. I think you’re right on some of this, but the fairytale themed/medieval album theme was rumoured last year. I think the photoshoot that took place at the school was always intended to be for Alone.
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