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  1. I finally have the chance to listen to "Lost at Sea" tonight, and I look forward to drifting off to sleep with it...or off to sea. Gorgeous album so far!
  2. That romper is giving "70s summer at the drive-in movie" vibes and I love it! Speaking of summer, I hope they release a pool floatie in a Malibu Barbie theme when the movie comes out...
  3. https://youtu.be/t_TQXUpv0xM Nick Cave and the Bad Seeds--Hiding All Away
  4. Yesss, especially if she remade one of her OG albums in a style similar to the acoustic versions of her "Goodbye Lullaby" songs...but with some added instrumentation (maybe for a chamber folk sound?)
  5. Personally, I would love to see what Lorde or Billie Eilish (the latter especially) could cook up if they every decided to dabble in the folk scene, especially if they went in an avant-folk direction. What singers who haven't dabbled in it yet do you think could produce a knockout folk album?
  6. I have OCD and Every Single Night is the perfect embodiment of what it's like to struggle with intrusive thoughts/obsessions, down to the darkly whimsical musicality. It sounds like something out of a twisted fairy tale.
  7. Petition for her to change her legal name to "Sparkle Jump Rope Liz"
  8. Setting phone alarms, marking on my calendar in blood, manifesting...
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