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  1. chic-a-cherry cola lime Hoping we get more surprise songs as the tour goes on!
  2. I think American is one of her best and don’t understand the hate it gets. Sure, it’s not a lyrical masterpiece but sonically its so ethereal and nostalgic for me. Her voice is beautiful and so is the production.
  3. Jakk

    Taylor Swift

    https://www.tmz.com/2023/09/24/taylor-swift-chiefs-game-travis-kelce-mom-dating-rumors/ Taylor attending Chiefs game after being invited by Travis Kelce amid dating rumors. Happy for her and I think they are a great match.
  4. Normal People broke me. The show and the book it’s based on.
  5. Jakk

    Love It or Hate It?

    Love it (but personally don’t wear it) Hot showers
  6. I wish she would still do surprise unreleased songs. Like that time she performed Paradise and Serial Killer
  7. officialjaypruitt’s live on instagram is very good visual and audio
  8. Never Forgive, Never Forget, Angels Forever, Forever Angels
  9. I’ve become obsessed with Zach Bryan’s album lately. If he follows Lana and posted Ride he must be pretty influenced by her or looks up to her. I would love them to work together. I would prefer an album with little to no features though.
  10. Did she just ask for song requests from the crowd? Or did something completely different just happen lol.
  11. Seems she’s really having fun singing tonight and it’s beautiful what she is doing to mix the songs up a bit
  12. The original Lust for Life album cover photoshoot
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