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  1. l always thought she was a true believer in a god during the Born To Die, Ultraviolence, and Honeymoon eras. I only started wondering if she was having a change of belief over the past year or two and then when lyrics that sounded atheistic popped up in some songs in LFL, it kind of squared with what I'd been thinking. Could be a coincidence, though.
  2. Like I said my first hint was that photo taken by that psycho ass stalker who snuck into her home and took photos of her her books. I'd actually read the book he posted a pic of, and I thought "Wait a minute, that book is an atheist manuscript trolling religious people" and I was confused. Then Lana's interest in science, Elon Musk, space, etc. started increasing and I couldn't help but be like "hmmmm...."
  3. Maybe I'm just projecting the shit out of my own beliefs, but I really feel like Lana's new lyrics suggest she no longer believes in god. Lana's constant talk about god has always been something that slightly irritated me about her lyrics, so the changes she's made lately might have stood out to me more than they would have to the average person. The first sign was when that creepy ass psycho stalker snuck into her home and shared a photo of Lana's copy of The Satanic Bible. Despite what he title makes it sound like, the book is actually just preaching rationality. The authors don't really believe in the existence of Satan and they don't worship evil. They just see satan as the most "rational" character in the Bible and therefore use his name as a stand-in for logic and also as a way to prove the ridiculousness of religion in the faces of religious people. For example, they tried to have a statue of Satan built in a public square and when Christians protested, they asked WTF is the difference between our religious freedom of "worshipping Satan" and yours of worshipping Jesus? So that right there was a red flag that Lana might be leaving the Christian crowd. Then Lust for Life came out and a lot of her lyrics just felt atheistic to me ("There's no more chasin' rainbows/And hopin' for an end to them/Their arches are illusions/Solid at first glance/But then you try to touch them (touch, touch)/There's nothin' to hold on to (hold, hold)/The colors used to lure you in (shut up, shut up)/And put you in a trance"). Several songs just feel like Lana no longer believes in a god. And yes, I know that there's a song called God Bless America and All of the Beautiful Women in It, but it just feels like lip service? Like she doesn't really mean it. A lot of her lyrics sounds like what I went through as I transitioned from a believer to a non-believer. All this combined with her space and science obsession and I feel like ol' girl is no longer the Christian chick she used to be. Also the chorus of Lust for Life where Lana/The Weeknd go Cause we're the masters of our own fate We're the captains of our own souls Were red flags (in a good way) for me.
  4. New magazines added to my collection (think you have to click to see full size):
  5. I first bought the box set from that Spanish site the other poster linked to, but they arrived all damaged and the company then ghosted me when I asked for a refund. I had to get them from ebay. They had only recently been published so they weren't hard to find.
  6. K I've been trying to share a pic of my updated collection (with Lovecat!!! which I found after three years of looking for it) but this site keeps showing me broken links and not letting me upload the file, so I give up.
  7. I didn't expect her to show up. So glad she's there.
  8. Nowadays the only songs I've been listening to from this album are Salvatore, MTWBT, and Freak. But I've been on a Lana break lately.
  9. Am I the only one who thought it was shady that she said "Good time to hallucinate? I don't know." when FJM talked about dropping acid at that Taylor concert? @ 50 seconds:
  10. Her anxiety makes these interviews so awkward for her. A lot of people say she's dumb, but when she's doing interviews with people she's comfortable with and when they're talking about music, her answers are way more eloquent and interesting. I was listening to an interview she had with Fearne Cotton close the UV release and it was so great.
  11. Lana being interviewed on the red carpet: https://twitter.com/LanaDReyCrew/status/698599157804703744 She says she liked Kendrick's album when asked what her favorite 2015 album was, queen stanning for my rap fave.
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