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  1. So eventually my order placed in September for Night Time, My Time got cancelled. Fucking great. I really feel like some 1970s farm boy living in the middle of nowhere in America where there the next record store is like 1000 miles away. Why is it so hard to get this album? I don't want some bullshit release with random and pointless bonus tracks/discs.
  2. Only these three since they are the only titles that have been confirmed/announced. Beck - Morning Phase (February) Lana Del Rey - Ultraviolence (its coming you little bitch) Tori Amos - Unrepentant Geraldines (May)
  3. The protagonist in Franz Kafka's The Castle is called K. Just realised that the other day and felt the urge to say this.
  4. Gaga's involvement with Carter's Atom Factory officially ended November 4th, a week before the release of ARTPOP. Troy is credited in the album booklet (would be interesting if his name is erased in the second prints) which makes it seem like their split was a rather spontaneous and impulsive move following the dispute over a follow-up single. Remember that the background image of Gaga's Facebook page was updated within like one hour announcing a variety of songs as the second single ("Venus" and "Gypsy" being among them). "Creative differences" were officially stated to be the reason for their split, and I assume those differences are related to Troy possibly advising against the release of "Do What U Want" as the follow-up single based on solely iTunes sales (since that was a highly risky decision ignoring the majority of other markets). If you ask me, this is strengthened by the apparent shelving of its music video due to label dispute. At the end of the day, we'll never know until either Gaga is in a particularly rant-driven tell-all mood or Troy writes an autobiography.
  5. Björk - "All Is Full of Love (Vespertine Live)"
  6. I really hope so... but let's not forget that Ghost has been sold at her shows, too.
  7. UGH. What a shitty idea. This is so messed up. What the hell is Ghost doing there? I mean... just imagine the back cover. What the actual fuck. I'm pissed.
  8. Those crocodiles look kinda cute like that.
  9. DUKE

    Book Thread!

    I have like 80 pages left of this, but I'm so blown away by this very unusual autobiography. This might be the most challenging book I've read thus far. The amount of secondary literature I had to look up in order to even get the point of two sentences addressing whatever biblical thesis or archetypical causality. It's sort of intimidating in a way, but so enriching... I think I've learned more from this book than I did in three school years. I did laugh plenty of times and was shaken to the core at other times. It's quite an emotional journey, really.
  10. Strange how different she looks when her dark circles are covered by make-up.
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