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  1. May

    Sufjan Stevens

    I’m absolutely floored by ‘tell me you love me’ no words I’ve only listened to the first half of the album so far, I literally couldn’t make it all the way through (not in a dramatic way, it’s just a long ass album lol) but wow this is exactly the direction I wanted him to take
  2. May

    Sufjan Stevens

    I’m only on track 3 but the opening track was AMAZING! I’m loving it all so far
  3. May

    Sufjan Stevens

    I’m waiting for midnight (or tomorrow when I get super drunk) what’re everyone’s ratings for the tracks?
  4. May

    Sufjan Stevens

    OMG his label revealed the album will be released at midnight in local time zones!! that means it’ll be out in some places in a few hours 10 and a half hours for me
  5. May

    MARINA (and The Diamonds)

    one of the only listenable songs on the album
  6. May

    Sufjan Stevens

    I think I’m most excited for Goodbye To All That, something about the title gets me excited
  7. May

    Sufjan Stevens

    I’m liking all the songs released so far but I really feel like they’re only going to properly HIT me once I listen to the album in full throughout
  8. May

    Sufjan Stevens

    the Sugar video is so good! Im surprised the album hasn’t leaked yet
  9. i have a weird feeling the cover is going to feature chemtrails in the sky photoshopped to be used as a font so that it looks like they’re spelling out ‘LDR’ or ‘LANA DEL REY’
  10. May

    MARINA (and The Diamonds)

    all the snippets sound amazing so far and so great lyrically and melodically im just hoping she doesn’t mess it all up in production
  11. can y’all stop policing what ppl can and can’t be vocally frustrated about on a forum it’s literally either this or everyone goes back to comparing lana albums to fruits and vegetables
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