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  1. i was ROBBED in all 4 categories
  2. May

    Instagram Updates

    she totally hates those covers LMAO “interesting picks.” ”it’s the artists vision not mine” mess
  3. not me being robbed by lustforlies chile lemme start farting
  4. Someone send the result to arcadialovesong on instagram i would but i don’t want him knowing anything about me
  5. at the bottom of the page , on the who’s currently viewing the thread bit , if a username is in italic it means they’re typing
  6. we’re all farting up a storm tonight
  7. i lost best status updater ? oh hell no y’all better RUN
  8. @lustforlife’s husband was seen making a quick exit from the red carpet, after having a vase thrown at his head!
  9. I’ve arrived ! one of the terms of my mod queue being revoked was that i had to wear an air-tight outfit to keep my farts from interfering with the other guests .. whew it’s like a Dutch oven in this thing! not to worry , i have a suitcase full of goodies ready to unleash if i end up getting robbed in any of my categories
  10. my dressing room has been evacuated and closed off for being a ‘biohazard’ WTF. guess im getting ready in the bathroom ..
  11. i got you sis breathe in the fumes
  12. sorry girl my team accidentally opened the case early and let some out
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