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  1. the whole turning from a glamorous suburban housewife into a vampire/wolf monster hybrid could become a cringeworthy tiktok trend and get her some more streams but sis doesn’t know how to promote to the younger generation
  2. but would it not work? Lana Del Rey ft. Kelly Clarkson - Breaking Up Slowly manifesting into my Spotify library
  3. im still hoping for a surprise kelly clarkson feature on breaking up slowly
  4. can we pls get a ‘Lana Del Rey anti-stan’ thread where we can all just freely vent abt her whenever she does something to piss us off
  5. what on earth is going on in here
  6. May

    Olivia Rodrigo

    The bridge is everything
  7. am i going fucking CRAZY or are random posts in this thread in french edit: okay i just caught up i thought my phone was buggin
  8. May

    Twitter Updates

    idk personally i think that video needed to be made and i respect her a bit more for it
  9. am I the only one who’s never bought a piece of Lana merch
  10. I know that BlackoutZone is extremely reliable in regards to hearing songs and albums early, not sure about merch leaks but there’s no reason to doubt them
  11. I’m sure in the BBC interview she started talking about how she got tired of writing her own songs so started working on a country cover album, assuming it’s the same cover album she announced it rly didn’t sound as though she finished it from the way she spoke about it
  12. while this is theoretically true I’ve learnt to never trust her descriptions of tracks
  13. and while we’re on the topic of setting ourselves up for disappointment, literally y’all with Dealer the way all we know is the title and it’s become the most sought after song overshadowing the whole tracklist
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