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  1. Someone explain to me- WHY??? do you need to know the date of release? With the entire world crashing down, just knowing that someday we shall have it is good enough for me. A more important question is- why is Born to Die charting on the Alternative and Rock Album charts, yet is not on the full 200 chart? It defies any rational answer whatsoever.
  2. I agree. It is proven in the Video Games video. (which really only became apparent many years later in retrospect as should every other be looked at)
  3. I wonder if Lana & the legendary American Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi met, and were they photographed together? Also, Barbra Streisand was there, any word if the two legends (Barbra & Lana) talked?
  4. Brand new 4 song EP "AGENDA" four political allegory that is distinctly in perfect Pet Shop Boy style anti-trump, anti-fascist anti-Bannon, Johnson, Brexit, anti-rich the four songs are- Give Stupidity a Chance What are we going to do about the rich Where is the child On Social Media all 4 are on youtube and other places now, not going to put links up because not everyone can get into those links depending on location, but quite easy to find and I really like how they blend together and how Neil & Chris expertly weave their older music style with the singing/lyrics these are going to be on a future album Would love to see them live singing all of these (though perhaps that won't occur) ================================================================ and listening to this today Feb 8, 2019, when there are hearings about trump going on, and that shaved head bald guy Whitaker not wanting to answer any questions, being arrogant rude, thumbing his ugly nose at anyone who dares to question him, trying to run the clock out (and through it all the lies were clear from the answers he gave that they are guilty beyond a shadow of a doubt ) ================================================================ 37 years since I first heard Neil & Chris. Liked them from first listen never stopped. In reality, the last musical act I really continuously liked prior to Lana. ================================================================ and note the lyrics in "give stupidity a chance" are sung in the character of trump(lock trump up)
  5. So who wants to bet on which artist will release a song called Lana Del Rey (better be one who takes it to number one) BTW- are people saying there are 2 new songs released today? What where and when???
  6. Dua Lipa has a song called Swan Song Travis Scott got a song called Yosemite TS has a song called Without You oops..it just sounded like it WTF has a song called WTF is going on
  7. re Post #11- Who said that was a homeless man? Is there proof? sometimes things aren't what they seem and is there proof that today if he was he is? I have been known to sit on the ground at times. In NY it's the national pastime after all to sit on a stoop. btw- it is kind of a stereotype to think that someone who for whatever reason doesn't have a home is someone unworthy of being a real life human being with feeling who due to some reason or other is considered "homeless".
  8. qt is a hack not worthy of Lana's time and attention. that said, the poster in post#13 makes an interesting point- Perhaps he could take one of her songs like Born to Die or Video Games or Gods and Monsters and use that. (QT never is exact with years in songs anyhow). It would be cool though if through a back door like that Born to Die the Album got to #1. (just remember though, Girl You'll be a woman soon wasn't sung by Neil Diamond in the movie itself, and it is just creepy when Neil sings it in recent times)
  9. Isn't this the same person she gave a pepsi or coke soda to the other day? If so, perhaps this is a video in progress???
  10. Personally I think the haters of lust hate it because of the title, and the haters of it had a preconceived notion of what the entire album should mean in their view, and that tainted the whole album for them from the start. (not to mention didn't totally understand what she meant in remarks she made that should or should not have been believed and never actually gave it a chance that they should have. My view is- they're lost and it's their loss. Without Lust for Life there wouldn't have been anything before or after as it all is a continuation
  11. and on this weeks January 26, 2019th Billboard Album 200 LP chart for it's 316th week. while also charting on the Alternative LP chart and the Rock LP Chart this week both of those hit #1. and all without an actual major US radio hit though the songs today are all classics.
  12. Most all Churches hate Gays (yes, they do) Most all Churches hate Transgender Most all Churches hate birth control Most all Churches hate a woman's right to choose (and for that matter one could say women in general) Most all Churches deep down hate Jewish folks as of course Jews are only an end to a means so to say (but love Bibi) and all Churches like their Golden Bathrooms and three car garages WHAT WOULD JESUS THINK??? this specific has become celebrity central it appears... once in, can one get out??? and Roger Stone should be locked away for life (but that is for a different thread)
  13. Chart date Jan. 26, 2019 Born to Die re-enters Album 200 chart at #146 for it's 316th week Born to Die is #13 on the 25 place Alternative Album Chart Born to Die is #23 on the Rock Album Chart Hope is a dangerous thing for a woman like me to have- but I have it is #10 on the Alternative Digital Song chart Hope is a dangerous thing for a woman like me to have- but I have it is #24 on the Pop Digital Song Chart
  14. Born to Die album reminds me of the abuse women LGBT T and minorities who are not white have had in America and the chronicle that the camera has to report on that documentary style (not propaganda style) the sigh, horror of it all... abuse without filter and without trump like recreation spin with a billion dollar spin machine that delves into anarchy totalitarianism and the hatred trump and trumpies have for women and minorities who are not white and anyone who is not trump or his puppet Putin. Paz was called troubled, Paz could not find work etc from the video that Lana presented to the public and not doing it for commercial reasons so prophetic that from the start, it made Lana already one of the greatest songwriters singers poet of all time. continuing to today (one of the reasons Coachella the song is so important... this is a work in progress come back later and yes, fuck fuck fuck fuck William trumplike Logan and your fucking review of Leonard Cohen (who is so important in the discussion of Lana Del Rey & Ms. Grant) you wish you had 1 one gadzillionth of talent Leonard did and you know what, you don't know Jack either.
  15. RBG will win best documentary (that they didn't nominate "Won't you be my neighbor" insures that. May RBG live longer than the fraud in offices one-term.) Spike will take Best Adaptation & possibly Director Cuaron most likely Foreign Film and Screenplay Movie may go to Green though it would be cool if Black Panther won but why wasn't Ryan C nominated for best director? Supporting Actor Ali though wouldn't mind if Sam Elliott won Supporting Actress Rachel Actor Bale or Viggo Actress Glenn Close because of her academy worthy Golden Globes speech (if one thinks that wasn't memorized by the "greatest actress of her time") but she deserves an Oscar anyhow for many things including The Natural. As they probably can't have ties anymore, it would be cool if Glenn and Gaga both won (and Gaga probably will win song) I am not of the opinion that Rami deserves the award. Freddie was an original. Rami is nothing more than a copy. Not to mention they fudged the truth. Looking forward for the Elton movie.
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