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  1. I was just thinking, and I don't want to get your hopes up, but even if the MV doesn't drop on the 30th/31st, she will drop a proper teaser (an actual part of the MV) 'cause it would make sense since it's Halloween week... or she could give us more radio silence
  2. sweetlikecinnam0n

    Song vs. Song

    Serene Queen vs Body Electric
  3. The title If This Is The End - I Want A Boyfriend always gave me "if this is it I may as well get fucked lmao" vibes
  4. She better changed the cover tho lmao From the whole shoot she chose the worst one and then slapped that ugly filter on it
  5. Y'all gonna have Yosemite on COCC and y'all are gonna eat it and love it. No more slander.
  6. It's not supposed to be a breakup/sad record, where did you read that? The title track alone is about the people in her life, celebrating them or whatever. LMLYLAW was also sth light and happy, not a sad ballad. Yosemite doesn't just deserve a place on COCC, it's already there
  7. Yosemite sitting on the ninth position of the tracklist just waiting for Lana to do the reveal:
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