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  1. Some people need to log out and re-evaluate their relationship with Lana
  2. These are not Lana's https://genius.com/Halsey-the-tradition-live-lyrics
  3. Oh yes this. That horrible audio clip or song which actually leaked earlier this year. It was honeymouns who was behind obtaining and spreading that because he kept like contacting and hacking producers for songs.
  4. From what I know there was an ongoing investigation at the time into the song that shall not be named and all of it got mixed up into a huge mess. Ben was also hacked or something like that the year prior.
  5. We're grateful tbh and I'm glad you didn't get in trouble for leaking stuff. All I know is you had a mutual friend that he trusted with the songs but that person dropped it all to your group chat? Which is a classic leaker drama bs but considering there was legal drama around it, you're a brave and lucky soul.
  6. I know there was a reason why Eclipse just dropped Serene Queen and didn't leak anything else. I also think he was worried and upset when you started leaking all that stuff but I don't know the details behind it. I just know Ben is a pain in the ass and stay safe.
  7. I know right. I appreciate all the HoneymoonDaddy leaks but they came from Eclipse so it's not worth tagging and irritating the guy when he probably leaked all he had, meanwhile lustforlife is a complete fraud who you shouldn't be entertaining in the first place.
  8. They wouldn't take you to prison when the mental insituation is right there
  9. LanaBoards bullying Eclipse away and this is the 'insider' we got?
  10. Well also it wasn't Eclipse who said that it was rough and unfinished, it was someone who knows him but he expressed his dislike I guess
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