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  1. i remember learning about christopher columbus in my american literature class. he was an asshole and everyone hated him. sucks that everyone celebrates him "discovering" a continent that was already discovered the holiday should definitely be changed to Indigenous Peoples day
  2. i've been playing this album nonstop since its release, its soo fucking good
  3. wheres Sad Girl? wheres Shades of Cool? Wheres Brooklyn Baby? Wheres Ultraviolence?
  4. why was this video posted on a weird ass site? yall heard of youtube?
  5. but how is being scared of terrorists racist or xenophobic, where did i say "i wouldnt step foot there because of muslims or brown people" never. i wouldnt step foot there because the entire area is in chaos, is unsafe, and is run by terrorist organizations its literally one decent country surrounded by some of the most dangerous countries in the world, yall know terrorists are sneaky and can get on planes right?
  6. yall complain a lot about NFR's production but i fucking love it. I wouldnt change a thing about the album other than putting the original TNBAR on the album
  7. ummm im not scared to go over there because of peoples race, the whole area is a terrorists utopia. whether they were white brown or green, i wouldnt step foot in the middle east another place i would never step foot in is Russia and lana performs there, does that make me racist against russians?
  8. saying id be scared to perform in a region that is notoriously in shambles is not racist
  9. yall are insane if yall actually perceived what i said as being racist
  10. i wouldnt have the balls to perform there, i feel like a bomb would be set off while i perform
  11. Wynwood

    Melanie Martinez

    Cry Baby was such a better album. every song stood out and told it own story on K-12, all the songs mesh and for the first few listens couldnt tell one song apart from the other. all the beats and melodies are too similar. songs like Drama Club and Orange Juice are such fillers. Cry Baby didn't have a single filler also disappointed to how the movie takes place in one day. i thought it was literally about her going from kindergarten to senior year ??
  12. omg her new post and story. shes so cute. blue dick really does make your skin glow
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