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  1. YAYO is good. But not better than the old version. I don't really like Gods and Monsters idk why
  2. I hate the Blue Jeans remix with AB.
  3. "I think she's waiting to know if she wins or not."
  4. I like the H&M one. Not a problem for me. I think you guys just obsessed to see her new photoshoot for this Deluxe Box.
  5. :creepna: :hooker: JUMP :hooker: :creepna:
  6. -A.K.A Lizzy Grant -Blue Jeans EP -Born To Die - Single -Born To Die - Deluxe Edition -Born To Die - Demo -Gangsta Boy - Single -Blue Velvet - Single -National Anthem EP -Hollywood's Dead -Ride - Single - Ride Or Die - EP -Sirens -Summertime Sadness - EP -Unreleased
  7. They look so cute together. Every time i saw a picture of them just making me blush idk why
  8. Marina And The Diamonds - Starring Role
  9. I'm in love with National Anthem first and second demo.
  10. :hottie: :legend: SLAY :legend: :hottie:
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