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  1. ms girl is probably in the middle of the woods in alaska rn i can't see any announcement coming today
  2. not me seeing this and thinking lana did some charity work back in 2013
  3. honestly venice is an every mood song for me (except for anger), even though i can see it as a love song, it's mainly a song about reminiscing about the past and I view it as bittersweet/melancholic albeit soothing as well. so if white dress is really about her lizzy days, i can see how the two can go hand in hand if they're both about nostalgia in a way.
  4. the way white dress might be out on streaming an hour i get off of work - a true gift <3
  5. i've been looking at some alt-country/americana stuff trying to see how the folkish part of COCC might sound like, found THIS and honestly I'd love a more downtempo song like this omg why can i see 'not all who wander are not lost' having this heat
  6. really wondering if any of the songs on COCC will sound like this omg
  7. honestly even watching some Endless Summer Tour videos she just seems tired/over it (not in all the legs, and obviously not as much as LA to the Moon or NFR). I think that's when the effort she put in the tours started to gradually go down
  8. let’s not act like COCC pre-release thread isn’t really the NFR post-release slander circlejerk thread
  9. JehovahThikness

    Charli XCX

    this will probably be completely off lmfao TR: emotional Sucker: blame it on your love XCX: enemy N1A: caught in the middle Pop2: Take My Hand Charli: I Wanna Be With U HIFN: unlock it
  10. honestly i'd rather lana travel than hold book signings and such it seems like so many celebrities are travelling w/o repercussions but that's the privilege that comes with the status i suppose
  11. i lowkey have always wanted to visit alaska because it seems so nice/cool compared to the rest of the US (though i've literally never seen snow fall before so I feel like I should go somewhere more gentle before I go to the last frontier ). I wonder if she's there for the northern lights?? definitely wanna visit after COVID
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