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  1. my break down song was HIAB literally in the middle of waking to class and hearing that song, tears started STREAMING down my face and people were staring at me
  2. right broke up with my bf with that album and HIADT and HIAB just has hit so different ever since
  3. i've been afraid to say this on here but yeah imo her best covers are of folk/rock, and if she's doing jazz I think she has to add her own twists to it, which is why I think the Other Woman is her best jazz cover (and the cover itself is not entirely jazz either)
  4. Discovered 1,447 new artists Listened 690 genres w/ 229 new ones Top Genres: Pop, Rock, Indie Rock, Rap, Art Pop Top Song: Venice Bitch: 309 streams (last.fm says 354 though <3) Top Songs: Venice Bitch, Always Forever (Cults), Mariners, Kyoto (Phoebe Bridgers), These Days (Nico) Top Artists: Lana Del Rey, Fiona Apple, Nico, Poppy, Velvet Underground Top Song from 1960s - These Days - Nico Top .005% for Lana 107,004 minutes listened what a year ladies!
  5. choosing violence today w/ a probably super unpopular opinion but I would have preferred Ultraviolence to consist of Tracks 1 - 7 (up to PWYC) and then the bonus tracks to replace the rest (maybe throw Old Money into it) I feel like they have would fit the album better and would have more of an impact tbh, especially with Flipside and Is This Happiness! Also, I think Guns and Roses is a solid track, I understand why people might not like it but it's pretty great to me. My ideal tracklist would have probably been something like:
  6. HtD and Venice samples CSNY's Our House ("I light the fire" "2 cats in the yard") I really think VB and MAC draw inspiration from Mazzy Star's album So Tonight That I Might See (which is interesting because they also sampled CSNY ) I personally think her cover of The Other Woman is more similar to Jeff Buckley's cover than the original (and Gods and Monsters is also the name of the band he was in) NFR! album cover gives me One Flew Over the Cuckoo's Nest film vibes
  7. similar to Pink Floyd I’d love it if Lana covered Zep but their fan base would kill her no matter how good the cover would be
  8. would like to see lana perform more electric guitar at her concerts
  9. I would love a Zombies cover Lana cover "This Will Be Our Year" for 2021
  10. i know the majority of users on here are against lana collabs but IF there are collabs I really, really wouldn't mind springsteen I just feel like their voices would go so well together! i just keep imagining an I'm On Fire collab cover or an entirely new song. isn't he a midwest artist anyways? it just makes sense ugh if not on the album at least a standalone single
  11. I feel like I have such a love-hate relationship with NFR (mostly love-) but one of the major reasons it’s one of my favorites is simply because VB, MAC, And California are on it (with VB probably BEING my favorite song of all time for like 2 years now and in my opinion her best song). There’s some choices on the album that I disagree with, like TNBAR, but most of the negatives I have with the album I attribute to Lana and not Jack tbh. I’m pretty sure he just acquiesced to adding TNBAR for example to the album because she knows a lot of fans like the song, and I’m pretty sure Lana herself was like “Bro I want a sick beat for HtD ” idk despite that, imo it’s still on par for being her greatest album alongside with UV. People call it a “safe” album but I wouldn’t it call it that, I would more call it something for comfortable or even more personal in a way - not RAW, but more of a slice of her daily life. IMO it also depends on exactly what music genre you like. I’m a huge fan of psychedelia, 70s rock, and singer/songwriter, and I think the songs from UV and NFR really fit that criteria for me, whereas a lot of her other fans I know definitely prefer her more jazzy and/or baroque pop sound. I personally don’t think her fan base will ever be 100% happy with an album she releases just because it’s just so big and diverse with different musical tastes.
  12. I wouldn’t say Norman is hated but a lot of times the COCC thread becomes a shit on NFR circlejerk like once a week and it gets tiring. As for the cover, I really like it although I was lowkey hoping it’d be more similar to the Zombies version. I appreciate it for what it is though and I’m happy she’s dipping her toes into jazz again, and she looks really happy in the MV!
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