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    What does she mean by "you touched the detriment"? Especially when she adds that all her friends already had it? That line confuses me.
  2. Okay. Been a minute since I've cruised these boards. Hope you don't mind a few questions. 1) How sure are we that CotCC is gonna be the title? I know she mentioned it in an Instagram live, but has there been any publishing info/leaks from websites? 2) How can we prevent Chuck from shooting the album cover? 3) Who here truly believes this thing is coming out anytime before 2021?
  3. can't get over this shift. god. in twenty years' time, musicheads will be writing/giving virtual reality TED talks about how del rey's trajectory changed forever with Venice Bitch... MAC/VB reminds me of the beatles and their movement from pop/boyband into experimental, daredevil territory. it's probably already been said, but still. honestly i could see the bulk of the album going so many different places!! which is so exciting!! VB is spiritual and airy and refreshing as fuck- it's the loosest production than she's done since, like, Disco. i'm not sure i want collabs on the album- the songs she does have with other ppl usually sound better without them.
  4. I wanna put some fucking hilarious gifs here but I don't know how to work this fucking site so lemme just say didn't like VB at first. now i do. ...and that's the tea on that
  5. Chuck & Charlie are so lucky their sister is fkin famous.... Lana is a saint, out here giving jobs to otherwise unemployable Americans.... inspiring......... FDR who????
  6. as soon as I heard the 'out of context' part I was like... woah....... its about the death interview. But why did she change the name from 'maritime' to 'mariners apartment complex'? they both have the same number of syllables so it wasn't for the rhythm. also, and no hate intended, why did she say that to the reporter? was it just something tht kinda slipped out? or was the reporter taking things out of proportion?
  7. Happy BDay LFL! You knocked my sox off no matter what people say on these boards. The fact that Lana attempts different styles and processes thru her albums is awesome. I think it's brave. I mean, I think it's a sign that she's a seriously talented musician and somebody with staying power. Also I kinda think she's contemplating her space in the world as a 33 yr old. She couldve continued the lyrical content of BTD and Paradise (and to an extent ultraviolence), but for her past two albums she's being more meta with her lyrics and pondering what really comes next after the "tragic hollywood stories" and the "torrid love affairs". Not that she's gonna be boring or abandon them completely.... I just think she's playing with them and realizing their limits. lmao i'm sorry for the long ass post, i just had about 3 cups of vanilla cold brew and i'm hYped
  8. Wow. This still makes me laugh and incredibly sad at the same damn time. Imagine how she must've felt afterward. Also, quick question: Why is she trying to sing so low? Can anybody tell me? Why did she fking do that so much early on?
  9. Cat power is authentic and raw with her music in a way I think Lana wishes to be. She's aiming more for that now. I mean, if her managers let her No hate but I kinda hope she does a sort of Queen of tha Gas Station production this time. Lowkey, lyrically-focused.
  10. hate to rain on ppl's parade, but like lana seems to be in the middle stages of working on an album. she's not going out much & she's not on social media much. she's either detoxing from that crazy-long tour or putting all that focus into her music. she'll tease something when she's ready & excited about it. she's never going back to BTD-type production. she might experiment with heavier, ultraviolence guitarry stuff though. i'd expect some news/a single to drop around september/october.
  11. how can y'all tell. i'm so clueless about plastic surgery. i know she had some work on her nose and her lips, but has she continued to get a lot of stuff done?
  12. on that topic: what happened to the honeydelgrant account? i haven't been on insta in like two months but now i can't find the page. does anyone remember that guy or am i tripping
  13. I thought LFL was amazing. Like, TNC and WTWWAWrtyuuiop are... not great... but the entire rest of the album is fuckin' amazing. It showed an honest maturation in Lana's own thoughts and lifestyle and I don't know another album that displays an artist's development like that. and White Mustang is a good song.
  14. what would a lana folk album even be like? i'm NOT down with Sirens 2.0............ if she wants to kinda 'pay tribute' to the folk aesthetic that might be cool, but i think she'd lose alotta listeners if she went straight for the fjm/cat power thing. cant really imagine how it would sound. the closest thing to folk that she's done is tnc, and that was fuckin crusty. god. sean oh-no lennon sounded like the talking dog from Up
  15. do y'all think she's gonna actually put any unreleased tracks on this one? she's been casually throwing around the idea for years... when she started doing serial killer on tour i was so sure there would be unreleased stuff on her next album i would give my left nut to hear a reworked version of playing dangerous
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