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  1. It's my most wanted mag ! I hope to get one one day
  2. Omg. I love love LOVE you art!
  3. I think AKA is her best album lol....
  4. FlowerFantasea


    Me too! , someone please help lol
  5. I knew I Loved you for a reason
  6. FlowerFantasea

    Tove Lo

    Ugh FINALLY I found this thread , I love Tove Whaaaaat....... I love it so much ,the chorus >>>>> On another note I think "Perfect Loop" is my favorite song ,does anyone have it in HQ?
  7. I need to put all my Lana magazines in one place. I have a lot but scattered out a lot ! I love the others though
  8. My prifile pic is her LollL
  9. Oh I thought album, thanks for this! I'll check it out
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